A popular breed of cats: Briton lop-eared

Today British lop-eared, perhaps - the most popular and beloved by many breeds of cats.These beauties enchant his grace, activity, curiosity and intelligence.On the exterior, and can not speak, they are very charming.

British lop-eared cat known for his mild-tempered, calm and balanced character.This is a big fan of relaxing lifestyle.Quickly enough, he is tied to the owner, he likes to play with the children, quickly mastering new territory.

British lop-eared kitten does not require a special, complex care.He enjoys spending a lot of time in the hands of the owner, he loves to play, have good health and good appetite.

Briton lop-eared does not require special care of his master behind the ears.Sometimes at their ends there are small "brush" that need to be cut.

this home "predator" need to feed a special cat food, or natural products.The Briton lop-eared needs a balanced diet.If you have opted for natural products, you must remember that the food should be varied and high-quality.Portions should

be small and warm: 26 - 39 degrees.If you prefer feeding special food, then do not add it to the meat and other products - the food is balanced and contains everything necessary for the health of the animal.

Once a year, you must provide food for the prevention of kidney stones, and make sure to have always been the British poured clean water.

I would particularly like to talk about wool.The Briton lop-eared loves brushing against the grain.Amazing, is not it?Once a week massage metal brush comb your pet on the first coat, then against.This is a great massage, which is very fond of cats.Neck massage the cheeks and thick against the grain.Then remove combed wool wet hands.

British - cats are massive, big.Often referred to as "plush" because of the dense short hair.We have become accustomed to these cats blue color, but not everyone knows that they are black and white, purple and chocolate.There are rare golden and silver colors.The head of the British

large, round, neck, almost invisible.Huge eyes and thick cheeks - a distinctive feature of this breed.

British cats are very fond of people, and especially children.I do not mind the neighborhood with other animals.They have an excellent level character.They do not peculiar rancor and aggression.If they get tired of the attention of owners to their person, they simply pulled out and run away, never hurting claws.

British quite self-sufficient.They do not need constant company, they quietly suffer loneliness and are a real boon for people who spend most of their lives at work.However, they gladly welcome you with work and all kind show how they are happy to meet with you.

British educated and careful.This is a real English aristocrats.Any cat plenty regale if you leave unattended fresh meat or fish.Anyone, but not British!It will hurt to sit at his empty bowl as a silent reproach to negligence of the owner.