Baby food "Subject": description of the product, photos

Baby Food "Subject" - natural products for young consumers between the ages of 6 months to 3 years, which is specifically designed to meet their individual characteristics of growth.The quality and price match.

«Subject» - baby food.Photo and description

known that proper nutrition, especially in children, is the key to good health of the baby.After all, the body is different from an adult crumbs their rapid and strong growth.He was a very important time to get all the necessary nutrients, since the child years old to form all vital systems and organs.The food in this case is the only source that provides child's body with vitamins and trace elements for the construction of tissues.

Produce balanced content of nutrients products for children - this is the main credo of "Unimilk."Manufacturer takes into account the fact that the need for energy and nutrients to the child's age changed since the development of his body gradually.Therefore, baby food "theme" is made specifically tailored to age-rela

ted changes of the baby.

Summary Manufacturer

company that produces baby food "Subject", was founded in 1961.Everything started from the Kiev Dairy Plant № 2. At that time, this company has been equipped with the latest technology and to manufacture products, which enjoyed great success among the people of Kiev.In the early 80s the plant was a complete large-scale reconstruction.After that Kiev milk factory №2 became the leading enterprise of the Soviet Union.

On the basis of the above companies in 1995 was founded "Galakton".

Today "Galakton" bears a new name - "Unimilk."It was his curds, which were issued in a package of 50 gr., First became known to the public the brand "theme."Baby food manufacturer produces in the new modern technology in accordance with international standards.

the spring of 2014 the company "Unimilk" has launched a new line for the production of dairy products for young consumers older than 8 months.

Product Brief "Theme»

Baby food stamps from the "Subject" is represented by the following products:

  • biotvorozhok (with pear, apple and carrot, blueberry, apricot, banana);
  • fortified yogurt (fat content of 3.2%);
  • yoghurt 2.8% fat content with filler "raspberry, rose hips", "apple", "apricot banana", "prune", "banana-strawberry";
  • baby milk;
  • biolakt;
  • pyureshki meat (beef, turkey, rooster, veal, chicken meat with beef, pork, rabbit, beef liver, lamb, beef with tongue, beef heart);
  • myasoovoschnye sauce (beef with zucchini);
  • meat puree with groats (buckwheat beef, beef with rice);
  • juices (apple clarified, apple-banana pulp, bleached pear, apple and apricot with pulp, apple-grape clarified, apple-plum with pulp, apple-pear with pulp, apple with pulp).

All products are made from natural and high-quality raw material, without harmful dyes and flavors.

The advantages of buying the above products

Why is better to buy for the baby products brand "theme"?Advantages manufacturer:

  • Company "Unimilk" used for the production of new equipment.
  • has a wide range of products for younger consumers between the ages of 6 months to 3 years, which is manufactured in accordance with statutory requirements and fully meets the needs of the baby.
  • Baby Food "Subject" does not contain in its composition hazardous flavorings and colorings, made exclusively from natural and high-quality raw materials, thus ideal for the first feeding crumbs early age.

Baby Food "Subject": customer reviews

On the Internet a lot of feedback from mothers who fed their babies and feed products of the aforementioned brands.Especially popular with young consumers of products "Subject" curds.Mom writes that they are delicate texture and quite delicious, so they are so fond of crumbs.Therefore curds "Subject" out of competition compared with other manufacturers.

mother also noted that infant formula "Subject", comments concerning them as the special products (biolakt) and all others (juices, kislomolochka, meat pyureshki) quite useful for a growing body.After all the above food for children is further enriched with beneficial vitamins and trace elements.

Although there are reviews and dissatisfied customers.For example, some mothers do not like the new packaging bioyoghurt.For their children easier to use was this product in a carton with a straw.Packing bioyoghurt with lid bring some inconvenience, especially if the child is accustomed to drink it before going to bed.

Also, some parents report that milk "Theme" has a slightly bitter taste.In addition, they argue that sometimes comes across such packaging of the product, in which the lid is not closed.

Prices for food stamps above

Consumers note that the baby food "Subject", which price corresponds to the quality, the price is acceptable.

For example, a children's cottage cheese costs about 36 rubles. Bioyoghurt - 41 rub., The milk fat content of 3.2% - 25 rubles.The cost mashed meat depends on the type of meat.For example, chicken meat with beef costs 43 rubles., Beef liver - 50 rubles., Beef heart - 51 rubles., Lamb - 60 rubles.

Prices of meat and vegetable purees and pyureshki with meat and barley slightly cheaper.

example, beef with buckwheat costs 37 rubles., Beef with rice - 36 rubles., Beef with zucchini - 37 rubles.

Baby Food "Subject" - ideal for the first feeding of the baby.Nourishing, high-quality, useful, and affordable - the main characteristics of the product.