Developing board for children with their own hands: a master class

Increasingly, caring parents kids hear about the benefits of educational toys for children.Teachers, too, on all sides praising various "razvivayki."What are these toys?What they can teach?And if they can do with their own hands?

expediency game homemade

Modern good quality toys made of safe environmentally friendly materials, are quite expensive, and not every family can afford to indulge their offspring are often similar gifts.So you should think about to make any toy in the home, whether it be knitted teddy bear or a wooden board for children.

Games hack, made his own, with genuine parental love and care, I will love the kid, after all will be made depending on his personal preferences and interests.And, importantly, these games will cost much cheaper than purchased, as the basic materials can find a home.

Toys for newborns

Before you start making any game for your child, you need to think about whether he would be interested in playing with this "razvivaykoy."Depending on the age of the

toddler he wakes up the interest to the different things that should be taken into consideration when creating any toys, whether it's a dollhouse, cubes with animals or developing boards for children, made their own hands.

For example, children aged 0-3 months most of the time lying on the back.They need to learn to focus on the look of individual items, so are perfect for bright rattles, beads or garland.They should be light, different textures, bright, but not colorful.

Toys for children from 3 months to a year

3-6 months babies no longer move and roll over on his stomach.At this age need to develop vision and hearing, grasping the skills and coordination.Perfectly suited fabric toys, rattles, educational mats with arches and garlands.

in 6-9 months baby is learning to crawl and to pronounce certain sounds.It should be encouraged its motor and speech activity.For this age are ideal cubes, boxes, educational mats, dolls with carefully traced person pyramid.

Toys for children over one year

In children older than one year, starting an active knowledge of the world.A desire to be independent.It is necessary to actively develop as speech and motor activity.As well as fine motor skills.Toys should be collected and understand.The ideal situation would be developing a board for the children made their own hands, the designer with the major components, dolls, cars, trains.

Children aged 1.5 years studying not only aware of their surroundings, but also to build a logical chain, they learn to think.Therefore, when choosing games for your child you need to give preference to the various "razvivashkam" that allow the association to find help to learn something new.It may be music books, rugs with images of animals, board child.The hands can easily make the latter option.

materials for the manufacture of home-made "razvivaek»

Most of the materials needed for this home of creativity, you can easily find at home.For example, you can use the remnants of tissue or scraps of old clothes.Well, if they are of different texture: felt, jeans, jersey, fleece - it will help to develop a child's sensitive fingers.Handy people who like to knit, can donate toys to create knit squares made for the calculation of the loop.You can adapt the old unnecessary lightning, so do not rush to throw them away.

can also be used and other sewing accessories - buttons of different colors and sizes, beads, ribbons and tesemochki, buttons, Drawstring, not sharp buckles, and even thermo-as ​​decoration.

Pope can also contribute to developing a board for the children made their own hands, was not only beautiful but also interesting.To do this in their boxes with building materials need to look for unnecessary knobs, switches, furniture, latches, locks, chains and so on.

Young children love to emit a loud sound with their toys, so you should use a rustling materials (foil bag) and bells-bells.

Developing board for children: how to do, where to start

Before direct registration exciting board developing motor skills and knowledge of the child, it is necessary to find a suitable material for the base of the toy.You can take a small piece of plywood, particle board, part of the old bookshelf.The main thing that game was the basis of a strong and elastic.

If the selected board is smooth, covered with paint or varnish, you can safely proceed to the next stage of design.Otherwise (such as a veneer) surface of the workpiece to be obtyanut durable fabric, otherwise the baby can prick her finger on some driftwood.

Developing board for children with their own hands (photos shown below) must have a solid color background that does not detract attention from the details of the child's toys.Alternatively, you can perform a themed by displaying, for example, lawn, sky, sun, clouds (which, incidentally, can be made of wool or foam).

Developing board for children (with their hands): a master class

After the base is prepared, you can start the process of registration of the game.For the development of motor skills, and knowledge of the world like "razvivashka" should contain a variety of door, behind which you can hide pictures, locks, latches, buttons, switches.All items must be carefully mounted on the board by using screws.This part of the design is better to go to his father with the crumbs.Let the child observe with what diligence dad is doing the work.Little Helper can even give a toy saw and hammer - then the process will be for the child a hundred times more exciting.

But the rest of the work will have to take my mother.Use the glue to developing the board, attach a few pieces of cloth of different textures for the development of sensory abilities of the child.On the pieces of fabric should be tightly sew buttons of different colors and sizes - so the kid can learn the basic palette and get acquainted with the concept of comparing "more-less".

also the entire composition can be designed as a town in which they live various animals - let it be a road, a house beside the road, sky, sun and clouds.For doors opening house will hide zveryata.So the child will be much more interesting to learn the names of animals.It opens the door the baby - and there elephant or a bright parrot.Behind each door can hide a number of different animals - so baby can learn to count.

can also draw pedestrian crossing across the road and make traffic light.To do this, fit the three plastic caps from twisting boxes of juice.Every cover should be painted in the colors of a traffic light, and glue them to the board: the top - red, middle - yellow, the lowest - green.Little kids love all the twist and older children can learn the traffic rules.

precautions in the manufacture of children's educational games

to board the child (with your hands to do) was as safe as possible, it must be remembered mandatory rules:

- all the little details toys (buttons, beads) should be firmly sewn or glued;

- all elements for opening must be easy to use (zip opens easily, the latch is not "sink");

- board for the child with his hands made, should not have any sharp element that can hurt the baby;

- a toy need to be made of materials with no harmful additives and impurities.

Whatever you or given to developing board for children (with their hands), it is important that it is made with real love and warmth, as well as a fairly minor material costs.