At what age to potty train children.

Every mother carefully following the development of their child, worrying whether he eats, whether in time began to crawl, sit and walk.She painstakingly introducing solid foods, unlearn chest and think about how quick and painless to do it.It pays special attention to hygiene kid.Despite the fact that the current use of reusable diapers are much easier targets for the content of children's skin clean and dry, sooner or later there comes a time when the parent wonder: at what age it is necessary to teach a child to the pot?Find the exact answer is unlikely.But to understand all the nuances and secrets of success or failure in such an important matter, this article will help.

saving, neatness, or just do nothing?

To begin to sort out how and why there is all this hype around the seemingly simple and routine cases involving child straightforward device - pot.After all, there is a child who has not learned how to use this simple subject.

Here are the main reasons that push young mothers teach childre

n neatness.

  1. want something and someone to prove.Begin to do this, for example, of those reasons that we all know the children themselves have long been asked to "pee" and their baby "is not worse than the others."Sometimes, on the contrary, moms want to stand out among their friends.After all the kids still in diapers walking, and their crumb - "special"!
  2. Someone wants to save on laundry and buying expensive diapers or simply tired of messing around with diapers.
  3. third reason.My mother read somewhere that after reaching a certain age the child already goes to pot, and scared.It does not lag behind in the development of her child?

important point

Some moms were not interested, at what age a child should be taught to the pot.They are calm and confident that everything will happen by itself, and in its time.This is at best.Worse, when, on the contrary, parent in doubt about the fact that the child is not right, and they are afraid to take even attempt toilet training.After all, if the result is negative, this will entail a lot of anxiety and feelings that their kid does not meet some standards development.

If you are wondering at what age and how to teach a child to the pot, it is necessary to know two important points.It should be understood that it is a special skill which is of great importance for the organism, and to take into account the individual readiness of the baby learn to recognize and control their impulses and actions related to these processes.Ready comes with a certain maturity of mind.

Expert opinion

No pediatrician would argue that the right to teach the child to the pot.It is believed that the most appropriate to start the process of achieving a toddler of 18 months.This conclusion is based on the physiological characteristics of the organism, since before the age of urine and stool he has reflex character.Scarce does not feel content excretory organs, and can not control the actions of their evacuation.This means it is natural and normal that it can at any time "to handle his business', it does not matter what he was busy earlier.Thus, the true expression "children of surprise".It becomes clear why the baby's parents are wasting their time and effort to work out a lasting skill.This happens if they do not know at what age to potty train children.

Speaking from the point of view of science, it controls all the processes of the brain, which receives certain signals.Recognize the transmission of impulses of the nervous system of the baby will be closer to two years.For example, filling the rectum, children begin to feel a little earlier than the feeling of having to empty the bladder.

How to determine the readiness of the child?

Many mothers prefer to listen to the advice of pediatrician, who is constantly observed.An experienced doctor can scientifically tell what age begin to accustom the child to the pot the better.He is able to assess the condition of the nervous system, the level of psychological development of the child, as well as the bodies that are involved in the processes of urination and defecation.The doctor will ask about the skills and achievements of the baby and help to draw a conclusion about that, it is time exploring pot.

Normally this period timed to coincide with the moment when a pipsqueak can confidently sit back and go, sounds or gestures to show that he wants to use the toilet.When understands and is able to carry out simple instructions complains soaked underwear, he seeks to remove or wear panties to imitate adults.

Other signs of readiness baby

  1. can stay dry for 2 hours and more during the day.
  2. Moments bowel movements are regular and predictable.
  3. easy to determine when a child commits a defecation or urination (posture, facial expressions, play stops).

Of course, not all of these signs should be.Attentive and caring mother is usually able to identify themselves and they decide at what age to potty train children.

From theory to practice

for kids in this case, it is important that the training took place in the natural and peaceful environment.It is unacceptable to force crumbs do something if it does not show the desire, protests, and scold him.The same goes for toilet training.Do not start if: the child is sick or just recovered;the family has recently been refilled;I was moving to another apartment or a crisis.In such cases absolutely does not matter what age to potty train children.It is better to postpone the training to avoid putting additional stress toddler.

Few pay attention to the fact that we should not combine multiple classes.That is, sitting on the pot, the child should not be distracted, for example, toys, TV, or eating.

  1. place a child on the potty at least twice a day.But without excessive diligence (5-10 minutes).Otherwise he is quickly bored.
  2. first time can be planted directly in the diaper, panties, pantyhose or sliders (that there was no discomfort, for example, from contact with a cold).If
  3. for 5-10 minutes there is no result, raise crumb, let him play until the next time.
  4. After a few days you can try to sit on the potty without a diaper.
  5. Encourage your child to the pot, if you notice that he is tense, clinging.Some kids are hiding in the corners, under the table, when they want to use the toilet.But be careful not to scare the kid, or he will keep their urination.
  6. should discontinue the use of diapers during the day.After all, a child practically does not know what it means to be wet, and do not understand the need to go to the potty.Scarce accustomed to diapers, harder to teach.In this sense, it is easier when the baby is accustomed to from the first day to dry clothes.Then, when he described his unpleasant sensation of wet pants.And my mother, perhaps there is less problems in dealing with the problem as to potty train a child and at what age.
  7. sure to offer little one go to the bathroom before going to bed.Also, there is an effective planting pot on a child after eating and sleeping.Do not give him the night drinking plenty of fluids.

expression of joy of parents when the crumbs turn on the pot to make his case, a positive impact on learning outcomes.Baby will not mistakenly feel that the attitude of mothers to it does not depend on its success.

Tips Training

Tell to the child, what is needed pot.Kid clearer obvious example.Some moms using dolls or soft toys show him how to use the potty.Other parents take with them the crumbs to the toilet, to represent as adults celebrate their need.A small child is not yet perceived gender differences as regards how this is done.Others demonstrate how to use the diaper goes to pot.


Sometimes moms girls worry that the baby still does not go to the potty.Although it is believed that they grow faster, in fact, differences in this question is no.How to potty train a boy and a girl?When to start?There has, in each case must be an individual approach.Some sources have information that the boys are a little more difficult to manage the respective muscles during urination due to physiological characteristics.

Instead of conclusion

wear or not to wear diapers child and at what age to potty train children - is an individual matter.In any case, natural reflexes crumbs also produced, and the formation of feeling and understanding necessary emptying of separation still occurs when it is provided by nature.

Hence the conclusion - the more developed the baby at the time of adoption of the decision on mother early training, the fewer attempts, time and effort needed to reach the final result - potty as intended.

However, do not be upset if the debt is impossible to cope with the problem.It's just a matter of patience and time.Now we know at what age and how to teach a child to the pot.