The analogue of "Lego".

Do not confuse analogues "Lego" with fake or cheap but low-quality copy of the Chinese product.In order to compete, analogue of "Lego" should correspond to the functionality of the original, have a set of components for assembly of various designs and meet established quality standards.Market toys came today to the level when the forgery are in trouble.

seemingly innocuous children's designer, analogue of "Lego", can present many dangers for the child.And it's not just damage the delicate legs when the child comes to the detail.Classic ingredients, no negative effects on the body, careless manufacturers are replacing toxic.

Not to be trapped, experts advise to choose the products trusted manufacturers.To understand the range of laboratory research and help tips and advice.

options market

need only go to the store children's toys, as the eyes immediately begin to diverge from the abundance of the options.Classic behavior is expressed in two ways: "why pay more if it is all the same" and "high-qua

lity product is not cheap."In part, both statements are true, but a third is given.It is called the golden mean.

to create an objective picture, taken for the analysis of the five most common analogs "Lego":

  • BRICK (China, 144 parts).

  • 1 TOY (China, 105 parts).

  • LIGAO (China, 170 parts).

  • COBI (Poland, 51 item).

  • "City of Masters" (China, 190 parts).

Test Designer, analog "Lego", began the Russian Institute of Consumer tests.Specialists were the main parameters influencing overall quality: security of chemical compounds, the build quality of a set of components and their compliance with the instructions.

cost of each set is approximately the same, but significantly (5-7 times) below the "Lego".


The first thing you should pay attention, if you decide to buy a Polish or Chinese analogue of the "Lego" - the presence of burrs and nicks.

COBI, LEGO and LIGAO pleased appearance.Defects not noted in the external examination.In "City of Masters" were counted some small barbs.Brick and the distinguished 1 TOY not a smooth surface.A large number of roughness located at the junction of the part.Break out of their unrealistic because they are thin.We have to carefully cut with sharp scissors, as there is risk of damage to the surface - after the barb off a large part of the coating.

In laboratory studies, no obnaruzhino presence of toxic substances in the constructors of all manufacturers.The smell of products as normal.All toys comply with state standards and are approved for use.

toxicity index does not exceed the 15-percent barrier that meets the requirements.Check


Patiently inspect parts.To do this, we add up the identical parts in a row.All but one cube TOY, same height and size.It is an order of magnitude longer, and mount different.Thus, incompatible with one TOY "Lego".

Try to collect.Do not forget that the designer intended primarily for children.Because for testing were invited not only adults but also teenagers.

instructions filed in the images and written descriptions to all instances.

analogue of "Lego" BRICK as close to the original.Build quality is good, but sometimes have to make an effort when connecting parts.It is not critical, but a small child can not do without the help of an adult.Understands toy too easy.Difficulties arise when detaching small parts.

Manufacturers COBI too clever by half with the instructions.It is full of errors, and the description itself is difficult to make out.Disconnect the parts from each other is difficult.Some items are conceived as moving, but not moving.

LIGAO did not disappoint expectations.Instruction is simple and straightforward.Circuits hold well.

"City of Masters" - the worst analog "Lego".There is a lack of parts, mounting fragile in some, while others combine hard.


Fortunately, all the samples do not contain toxic substances.Each analogue has its drawbacks, but became the undisputed leader of anti-rating "City of Masters".Exterior parts looseness, complex and irregular instruction leaves a bad impression of the purchase.

sets cost about the same, but "City of Masters" is cheaper, which is reflected in the quality.

1 TOY different mismatch parts, but there is an analog of the company "Lego" for girls, which is not in the remaining manufacturers.