Weight children 2 years.

For every young mom her child - an object for study and learning.With the birth of the baby every day she spends in search of answers to many questions.She is interested in everything: what to choose diapers, how to feed, how to care for the crumbs of what the child needs, how many kilograms scored when will go and speak.

development in the first year is the most rapid lifelong baby.He learns to do a variety of activities, play, sleep and so on.The following year (second) is also not without significance for the child.Kid improving skills acquired earlier, learning to express their desire proposals learn about the world without the help of adults get to the innermost parts of the house.Age peculiarities of children 2 years of age for parents to make this the most difficult period, as any thing the child can "repair", to use for your game, make unsafe.Parents need a lot of attention and care to protect their child from danger and contribute to its growth and development.Another important development is

the child's weight.That's what we'll talk.

Normal weight children 2 years

often encountered such a situation: the child seems to be healthy and happy, but my mother is constantly some anxiety about his weight.So it seems that it is thin and pale, is afraid of overfeeding.To do this, experts have identified a range of weights in which the child will feel great, and all the internal organs will develop and operate smoothly.Normal infant weight (2 years) is from 10.5 to 13 kg.Much depends on the genetic data, mobility kid, his appetite.But first things first.

Why does a child falls behind in weight?

Food in a child's life performs one of the most important functions.Brimming with nutrients, oxygen and water, the baby grows, he develops new skills, babe pleases their parents.But some kids do not conform to generally accepted standards, whether or not to sound the alarm on this occasion the parents?

Almost all babies at an early age repeat the constitution and behavior of parents.If you are aged 2 years were puny and thin, do not be surprised at the sight of his skinny child.Conversely, if the parent was chubby, the same is likely to be a child.

weight children 2 years may be lower than normal if any diseases, or if born prematurely.Parents should think about the health of the child, if his low weight accompanied by diarrhea or severe constipation, dermatitis, frequent diseases and their complications, excessive irritability or lethargy.In the case of similar conditions should consult a doctor, as the weight, in this case - only trouble indicator.

Another reason for reduced weight baby could be a failure in his hormonal system.It is very rare, but still has a place in the lives of children.When hormone deficiency the child ceases to grow, although no stressful situations or severe physical diseases were not.

Obesity child in the 2 years, the reasons

Children (2 years), which tries to make the photos on the memory every parent, reach no more than 90 cm and 13 kg of normal.But there are some kids who look too plump that is not typical for their age.The reasons for the large weight of the child:

  • changes in relation to nutrition.Humanity has recently prefer fatty, sugary and processed foods.Especially the little residents tend to be subjected to the sweet temptation, especially as advertising and then calls "eat" and "enjoy".Preferring a diet, watching parents who intercept that comes handy during breaks, the children pay for modern trends overweight and their health.
  • weight children 2 years may exceed the upper limits of the norm because of the computerization of the population and reduce the mobility.Previously, children played in the streets, in the houses until late at night in a quick game.But with the development of new technologies in the field of technical speakers brought a wealth of toys, gadgets, and another that attracts the attention of the child and does not allow him to develop physically, wasting the stored energy with a meal.
  • follow.Every child is a certain prototype of their parents.If mom and dad are complete, hence the child will be prone to accumulation of excess kilos.

Parents guard kilograms

Caring about how the child develops (2 years), height, weight, keeping it under control, parents should pay special attention to his diet.Mom and Dad - these are the people who should be on guard to prevent food and extra kilos.But it should be done very carefully and unobtrusively.Observing signs of obesity, in any case it is not necessary to prohibit all sweet kids, and a little fat.The complete absence in the diet of these products will generate a return result - all the thoughts of the child will be directed to their prey, and begging from compassionate grandmothers.It should gradually reduce the dose receiving junk food.

psychological subtext pathological weight

We would like to mention the psychological aspect of a large weight gain in children.Children (2 years), which makes the photo someone familiar, should look happy, nice, relaxed in the picture.Photography - a good indicator of the internal condition of the child, if he has a bad mood, so make sure he would not agree to pose for the camera.Frequent bad mood, feelings of guilt, inadequacy, loneliness, the loss of someone close, or lead to obesity or leanness to the pathological.The desire to constantly eat (which directly affects the weight) - the need for security.Before you put your baby on a diet, you must ensure that it is a favorable psychological condition.

food culture

As the rules of behavior and food culture kid learns, especially in the family.Parents have a responsibility to the formation of eating regime, the development of taste preferences of the child.It is important not to overfeed, and useful products to satiate the growing organism, whereas the weight of children under 2 years will not go beyond the norm.Remember, the child will not repeat what the parent says and what he does, so the baby will eat the same as you.