The diluted ink: tips

Nothing is more unpleasant than the dried ink at the wrong time.Often we find it, going on a date, on holiday or on a responsible meeting where you have to look your best interest.But do not hurry to get upset, first take a look at the shelf life of the carcass.If it is not finished yet, cosmetics can quickly revive, and then do not have to postpone the meeting, and the meeting will take place at the highest level.

Before dilute the ink, note that a member of it and did not come out you have a shelf life of cosmetics.If its composition have wax, ink can be heated, lowering the tube in a beaker of boiling water for ten minutes or put it on for half an hour on a hot battery.If the composition of cosmetics paraffin No ink can be simply diluted with water.To do this, a few drops of mineral, distilled or cold boiled water.This method of resuscitation can be used if you do not have conjunctivitis or other eye infections.In water, the microbes may develop, which lead to inflammation of the mucous membrane of

the eye.Overdue cosmetics is better not to recover.

choosing than dilute mascara, you can use the tool to remove the shadows of alcohol without liquid or cream makeup remover, issued by the same company as the cosmetics for the eyes.Well dissolves ink peach and almond oil or jojoba oil.In this case, the main thing - do not overdo it.Excess oil will turn into a thick mascara and viscous mass, which make up the lashes will be simply impossible.

Besides oil to dilute mascara suitable therapeutic eye drops such as "Visine" which will not only save makeup and remove inflammation of the eye.Talking about what to dilute the ink, it is worth mentioning a solution for storing contact lenses.On the composition of the liquid is almost identical with our tears, so allergies and inflammation does not cause.Suitable for dilution of cosmetics and a strong sweet tea.A few drops of this drink should be added to a tube of mascara, or a couple of seconds to lower in the tea brush.

And what can dilute the ink, if it is water-resistant?In the summer on the beach without it can not do, so the funds for the restoration of this expensive cosmetics are especially needed.All waterproof mascara is divided into two types.Lighter and cheaper called Water-proof.It is resistant to moisture, but does not protect completely eyelashes, and it is easier to wash off.This kind of mascara is diluted with water, eye drops or special means to dilute purchased at the store.

The second type of waterproof mascara called Moister-proof.It is very resistant and does not leave stains, even under the autumn rain.This is expensive cosmetics, and use it only in special cases.When deciding what to dilute the ink Moister-proof, do not choose the means at hand, and only intended for this part and act strictly according to instructions.

giving advice, of course, mention should be made and the means by which ink can not breed.First, we should eliminate fluids containing alcohol, such as perfume, cologne or spirits.Never use this saliva or sunflower oil.These funds may negatively affect the health of your eyes.I should add that beauticians recommend to plant mascara only once.It was found that resuscitated cosmetics loses its properties and causing irreparable damage to the eyes and lashes.After the discovery of any ink is usable only for six months.After this period, it is not necessary to use it, let alone revive.Even in a difficult situation when the money ran out, and before payday is still far away, will be useful not recover expensive, but the dried ink, and buy cheap, but fresh makeup.Before you plant ink, think about what is more important, fleeting beauty and healthy eyes.