Strips of black points

black spots on the nose called the dirt and grease in the pores of the skin, oxidized in air.This problem is familiar to most of us, but most often it affects young people with dilated pores.Fortunately, strips of black points to help solve it smoothly and quickly.

appearance of black spots on the nose provokes a number of factors, including poor environmental conditions, constant stress and sometimes antibiotics.

Women are much more likely to collide with it than men.But if the black dot grew to one millimeter, and ceased to be invisible, it can become even a small disaster for some of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.In any case, each of these defects we deliver moral discomfort, so the fight against them must be immediate and ruthless.

get rid of blackheads can be a variety of ways, each of which deserves attention.You can use special masks and tonics, make peeling, cleaning and other procedures.However, it is the strip of black spots on the nose are considered to be the mo

st radical and at the same time effective way.

However, it should be noted that even with the bars, you can not get rid of so hated black dots.This is because the glands produce sebum stably respectively, disposable one-time procedure will result.

However, if the strip of black dots in your purse take a permanent place, and you will not forget to use them periodically, it is possible that the existence of this unpleasant phenomenon you forget forever.And to help cosmetologist is not necessary to resort.

originally worth to mention that proper treatment of your skin should be appointed by the gynecologist-endocrinologist.Only he will be able to choose the right set of procedures to remove small defects on your skin.After the appearance of blackheads can be caused by hormonal disruptions in the body, not just the wrong skin care.Therefore, strips or cosmetics against blackheads should be supporting and related procedures, but not essential.

start points need to get rid of a daily skin cleansing and quality.To do this, you should use such assistants: foam and lotion.Clean water also plays a role.Remember that.

buy strips of black points can be in almost every drugstore or specialty store.They produce many well-known companies such as LOREAL, VIA Beauty, NIVEA and others.And the cost of it is accessible to all consumers.

nothing extraordinary in such a facility, as its application, no.This is a small strip of cloth on which the adhesive layer is applied.This side and the need to impose a bar on the problem area, held for 10-12 minutes and then removed abruptly.All the fat and impurities that were initially remain on the fabric, but the nose pleased her care and cleanliness.

strips of black spots do not require special costs money and time, as well as the skills and knowledge to use.Therefore, they enjoy all consumers.It is enough to read carefully the instructions (contained a very simple and accessible language), which is attached to the strip, and you get into the technology of their actions.

In addition to the strip is removed from the nose all the visible and invisible pollution, they are also narrow and deep cleanse the pores.Using them can be no more than 2 times a week.They contain only natural ingredients and does not injure the skin.

Try it and you do it a miracle cure in the fight against the black dots, and possibly about the problem you forget forever.