Product description «L-Carnitine»: user reviews and doctors


fat burning agent «L-Carnitine» was first detected in human muscle tissue, he was immediately attributed to the group of non-protein nitrogen compounds.By nature carnitine close to carnosine substance that participates in a biochemical reaction of muscle tissue.Even before its chemical structure transcripts revealed therapeutic effect «L-Carnitine».Reviews of natural products is usually positive - contraindications for his reception there.

Carnitine is often called the vitamin of growth due to its high ability to accelerate the growth of young people.Typically, the substance enters the body through food, but in certain circumstances it may be formed during the synthesis of organic compounds.

as the impact on body fat « L - Carnitine »

Reviews physicians indicate that the drug contributes to the rapid breakdown of fat, and their subsequent transformation into energy.Fighting overweight - a very complex and time-consuming process that requires effort and patience.Every year

the world produced thousands of drugs, hundreds of kinds of health food, but nevertheless the number of obese people is increasing.

Carnitine opened an era of new means to combat excess adipose tissue.The main advantage of the drug is that it increases the rate of absorption of fats by the body.

Since the beginning of its use in humans begins strengthened and permanent fat loss.Within thirty days, he may lose up to 15 kilograms of excess body fat with proper reception «L-Carnitine».Reviews majority of people taking the drug on a regular basis to confirm its effectiveness: even for minor physical exertion and lack of carnitine diet helps fight obesity.This significantly increases the oxidation of fats, asfatty acids do not give toxic radicals and emit energy to a vital body.

What is the impact on the cardiovascular system has « L - Carnitine Liquid »?

reviews indicate that the drug significantly improves the heart muscle in people with various disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Carnitine is irreplaceable in various sports (swimming, running, rowing, etc.).

A unique feature is its ability to significantly reduce cholesterol and slow the development of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels.

Under the influence of the drug enhances the formation of lecithin in the liver.This substance is necessary for our body to flush cholesterol.Therefore, to achieve long life, can be used «L-Carnitine».Reviews of preparation can be found in the Internet, and you will see its effectiveness.

If we consider the mechanisms of action of the drug at the subcellular level, you can see what effect it has on mitochondria - the energy plant cells.Mitochondria help burn body fat, supplying cells with energy.The unfavorable situation (illness, reduced immunity, hormonal crash) first disrupted mitochondria.

to normalize its work again, you must cure «Acetyl-L-Carnitine».Reviews athletes enthusiastic about the product.Anyone who has used the drug say that it is highly effective and unique properties to maintain a great shape and health.The combination of tonic and anabolic action of carnitine along with its safety make the product valuable in sports pharmacology.

Regular intake «L- Carnitine»:

- boosts the immune system;

- strongly destroys the fatty tissue;

- normalizes the heart muscle;

- reduces the rehabilitation period;

- increases endurance;

- reduces cholesterol levels;

- nourishes the body's cells with oxygen.

Before starting the medication, you should consult your doctor to avoid side effects and selection of an individual dose.