Tattoo surge in popularity.

In recent years all over the world can be seen a surge in popularity of tattoos.What is it?The destruction of stereotypes about the one who has them?Or simply a desire to express themselves?

scientific work, which appeared on the website of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, provides perhaps the deepest look at tattoos since the surge of popularity in the early 90s.
results indicate that 24 percent of Americans aged 18 to 50 years are tattoos;almost one in four.
"In fact, these days, people who do not have them, are transformed into unique '' said Chris Kitano (Chris Keaton), a tattoo artist and president of the Baltimore Tattoo Museum.
Body art - it's more than just a tattoo.
About 1 out of 7 people surveyed have piercings.Mostly it refers to the category of 18- 29-year-olds.Somewhere half - 48 percent - in this category have either a tattoo or piercing.
According to recent studies, more people attached to the art of body painting
So why is this art has become so popular?
Researchers believe that it allows people to broadcast to the world their way.Others believe it is a sign of rebellion.The survey found that almost three-quarters of those that have piercings have taken this step to the 24-ies.
The survey also found that the conventional wisdom about those who have tattoos is true: People who drink, take drugs, have been in jail or are adherents of any religion, are most likely to have them.
The same applies to the piercer.Unfortunately not been determined how any relationship with the level of education, income or job category ...
obvious difference between these two passions - the piercing can be easily removed, can not be said about the tattoo.
whether it is harmful to health?
Approximately one out of four respondents stated about health problems, including skin infections.Among those who had pierced their mouths and tongues, we talked about the problems with the teeth.
13 percent had difficulty with the removal of tattoos.
tattooing industry is regulated at the state level, but not at the federal level.By the way, there is no specifically approved pigments or inks.
"Freedom-2, the company in Philadelphia, hopes to launch the first two lines of temporary tattooing ink, but without the consent of the federal administration.
To create the ink, the pigment should be inkapsulivan polymer. These microcapsules are tattooing. Thus, the tattoo is permanentonly at the request of customers.
to remove the tattoo will need to spend only a few laser irradiation to open the capsule and let the ink safely be absorbed into the body.
Another type of ink is calculated on the same technology, only the capsule will dissolve themselves, depending on the version of six12 or 24 months.
It will be like a piece of jewelry that can be removed. The tattoo will descend from the body just by itself.

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