Lumene Natural Code - an overview

quality cosmetics class "mass-market» Lumene is known to generations.Traditionally it is made with extracts of northern plants, with maximum respect for the environment and the health of their customers.However, in order to be in demand, all products must not only maintain the trust of their followers but also to offer them something completely new.Today we talk about make-up and care of the young line Lumene Natural Code and updates the natural makeup.Natural - not only because these are the most secure means of composition, but also because the range includes fashionable and extremely successful shades of nude.

for granted, we may learn how to begin caring for themselves.In a series of Lumene Natural Code you will find not only the usual cleaning agents.Those who like to wash off make-foaming agents, and not always handy cotton pads undoubtedly surprise and delight novelty for removing eye makeup.It is applied directly to the eyes, rinse with water.Consumption extremely economical price - humane, as

a part - nothing more.The only caveat: for waterproof cosmetics may need more powerful means.Mascara is Lumene Natural Code, being rather resistant, is removed perfectly, but for decorative cosmetics - a little later.

Of noteworthy usual care products can be distinguished Clear it up gel cleanser, which is designed to dull the skin and helps fight inflammation.Since a young age is most common normal and combination skin, it is designed specifically for the majority of funds line Lumene Natural Code.Comments on the application of lotions and scrubs the brand manufacturer confirmed the statement.They cope with the task of deep cleaning and practically non-irritating, although some effect of dryness, partly due to the use of water for washing is possible.So if you are looking for new ways to combat pimples and clogged pores, considered the means for cleansing can become good assistants.But reviews of creams and fluids of this brand more controversial, so creams require individual selection of the consultant.

Among the assortment of makeup Lumene Natural Code earned rave reviews especially the shadow fashion colors, which confirms the good reputation of the brand, characterized by stability and not roll down all day long.Surely you have already drawn attention to these bright mosaic.They really deserve to taste them!Good and other means of eye makeup, including mascara, which occupies a good place in the ranking in its price segment.

Foundations and powders presented a wide range of colors.Creams are a good basis for the make-up and give the face a healthy glow, but not particularly camouflage imperfections.For this it is a very economical masking pencil multiple colors, made in the "eco-style."The density of the powder coatings depends on the manner in which it is applied;many people prefer to use a brush for this, not a sponge attached.It should also be remembered that, although produced cosmetics brand Lumene is made without the use of parabens and many other harmful preservatives and powder, which is important, do not contain talc, it is useful to read the part of the package.For example, owners of oily skin is not suitable powder to clog pores rice starch, no matter how natural it was.

lip gloss of the same series may differ not only shade, but also the texture, but certainly like admirers already discontinued shines Anytime.A distinctive feature of the make-up lips Lumene is the presence of natural shades, which are almost all in search of which many are storming than one perfume shop.This tint gloss and lipstick shade №1 №3, which allow to perform the most natural lip makeup, blending in with the spectacular painted eyes.

We hope that after this brief survey you are interested in this worthwhile Finnish cosmetics, and your choice is uncomplicated and enjoyable.