Permanent make-up and its main advantages

Permanent makeup - a procedure similar to tattooing.It is intended for those who want to improve their appearance without the use of natural cosmetics.Sometimes this process is also called micropigmentation or mikropigmentnoy implantation.

There are many reasons why this type of cosmetic procedures should be preferred, we list some of them:

  • waking up in the morning, you will be sure that you do not need to rush to the mirror that would quickly draw his face, you wake up justqueen;
  • resting at a party with friends you do not need to constantly update the lipstick on your lips, your lips throughout the evening will look delightful;
  • resting on the sea, you will not have to worry about makeup will wash off or be spread, you can simply enjoy your vacation;
  • accidentally caught in the rain, all the things you need to worry, this is not to catch a cold, and your face will remain as fresh and beautiful;
  • you do not have to carefully select cosmetics and fear what they do not cause allergies, since the
    components used for permanent makeup supergene.

Here's a quick list of some of the advantages of permanent makeup.And this, of course, not all the positive aspects that you will experience, using this type of modern cosmetics on her face.

Now we will focus on is what most should apply permanent makeup.

not the only reason they say that the eye is the mirror of the soul.Everyone knows that, looking into the eyes of another person can understand a lot about it.But few people pay attention to what the eyebrows reveal the real nature of man, and that man feels at the moment.This is almost a minor detail, but be adjusted to the line of the eyebrows can become younger, at least for three years.And it can be done once, and enjoy the result of six to eight years.The period for which you will free yourself from anxiety and permanent eyebrow tinting depends on the composition of the paint, with the help of which makes permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup eyebrows is the most simple and safe cosmetic procedure.Anesthesia for a permanent eyebrow makeup need not be applied.By doing this procedure in the cabin, you run the risk of not how, experts will select exactly the paint, which is more natural will look on your face.So do not be afraid of the fact that in the early days of the eyebrows will look more bright.After a day - two paint will get the desired shade, and you will not be a long time to think about cosmetic pencil.

Another part of the face, which is often corrected the woman - a lip.There is hardly a woman who does not want that to her lips look more plump, and therefore more seductive.After all, we women know perfectly well what the effect on men produce plump lips.And not for them if all our efforts.

Permanent makeup lips has two types, and only you can choose any type of permanent makeup lips suits you.

first is drawing the contour of the lips, as if you are using a contour pencil

second, more preferred, since it mimics the natural look of permanent makeup is lip lips with full coverage.

doing permanent makeup you choose not only a problem with the color, but also with this cosmetic procedure, you can lift the corners of her mouth, that with age somewhat lowered, and give your face an older look.So with the help of lip tattoo can solve such a problem, as a change in the contour of the lips if you are exposed to herpes.

The duration of this kind of permanent makeup last from seven to eight years, which means that eight years you do not need to worry about how your lips look tempting.