Nourishing Face Cream do at home.

Any lady familiar with the basics of skin care, knows that in order to
look young and attractive for a long time, you need three things: moisturizing, cleaning and catering.Today I want to talk just about the last.

Let's start with the theory.Why do we need a nourishing cream for the face?Invigorating blend of different ingredients tones, smoothes and softens the skin.As the name implies, it is a nourishing cream delivers nutrients to needy cells of the epidermis.By the way, modern technology allows to make it "sighting".Under the influence of these components improves blood circulation and metabolism in the skin cells, normalizes sebum, compensated balance of minerals and vitamins, protein compounds renewed destroyed.Due to this the facial skin gets a healthy, radiant glow and successfully resists the harmful effects of the environment.

When you need to apply a nourishing cream for the face?If you follow our biological clock, the best time for an evening of beauty treatments from 18 to 20 hours.B

eauticians recommend the cold time of year to use a nourishing cream as a day, and applied to the face moisturizer at night.

I must say that for many of us inscriptions on jars with cosmetics like the Chinese alphabet.We mistakenly believe that all these allantoin, shea butter and cocoa extracts and Hydrolat - something for us incomprehensible and inaccessible.However, any of these components is now available on the open market.A magnificent nourishing cream for the face is easy to prepare in your own kitchen for twenty minutes.

I'm not too fond of personal examples, but this topic is very close to me.Therefore, let me digress.To cosmetics handmade, I got involved "because of" allergic to any store bought creams.Of course, at first it was not easy to find everything you need.In addition, it took on the balance (without them you can not get exactly).However, the efforts were worth the result, and now nourishing cream I cook, not only for themselves but also for sale.

I must say that having mastered the simple recipe, you will be able to create any product.Creams for hands, feet, face and body differ only in composition.The technology is the same everywhere.

Any cream consists of two phases - oil and water.Since them together is unlikely because of the different densities, will need an emulsifier.I use "Polavaks" as the most secure.By varying its concentration, you get products of different consistencies.Want to make milk, add 2 g per 100 ml.I like thick and greasy creams, then use the number '10 polavaksa 5 g per 100 ml of cream gives a delicate and light, which is absorbed well.

Finally, the promised recipe: nourishing cream for dry skin.I note that it relieves irritation and redness, which is especially important during the cold season.

Necessary ingredients:
first phase - a oil: shi (1 g), hemp (5 mL), babassu (2 g), jojoba oil (5 ml), Rose (5 drops), and evening primrose (5 ml).The cream contains bisabolol, but I replace it more familiar chamomile oil (5 drops).

second phase: d - panthenol (1.5 ml), Hydrolat Rose (30 ml), the extract of carrot (5 drops).This also add silk proteins (0.5 ml) to soften the skin, rose hips extract (1.5 g).The powder can be mixed into the Hydrolat roses or a minimum amount of pure mineral water without gas.The last component - sucrose stearate, which requires 2 years

in a water bath set two glasses.In an oil phase in the other, respectively, water.Heat a mixture of both is necessary to not more than 40 *.Then, they need to connect to add emulsifier (2.5g) and how to whip.The resulting cream is spread in the container, previously sterilized with alcohol and stored in the refrigerator.Shelf life of no more than two months.If the cream is ready to exfoliate, it can beat again.

Once you prepare a nourishing cream for the face, you still have unused components.Of these, you can make a mild soap for washing and massage tiles body lotion to remove makeup.Hydrolat in its unchanged form may be used as a conventional toner.It is ideal to prepare the skin for the application of our home-made cream.Incidentally, if it is diluted with water to one-third, it does not change its properties.