Oil for the growth of eyelashes - fundamental captivating beauty.

Few women know that having a luxury long eyelashes - it does not mean spending huge amounts of money on beauty treatments in salons.And do not even need to risk precious health by resorting to artificial lengthening and capacity hairs.Just to properly care for their own eyelashes and saturate their bulbs necessary quantity of vitamins and minerals.This method is available to every girl who dreams of hitting all surrounding doll eyes.Oil for the growth of eyelashes - this is the underlying captivating beauty.

in pharmacy items, you can find a variety of different-sized jars and vials with various oils and herbal extracts.But how to understand them and choose something that will help accelerate the growth of our precious cilia?After all, the funds for the most part do not contain the detailed instructions with the list of properties.A seller is not always able to advise the correct option.Below we look at the most popular tools that are practically in any drugstore.The cost of their fairly low, but you

will notice the effect in the near future after the start of the application.

Oils for eyelash growth.Beauty, available to everyone

By analyzing the data available on the Internet, as well as reviews of living people, can reveal the absolute leader among natural extracts and extracts affecting the growth and health of eyelashes.It - castor oil .Familiar to almost everyone from childhood on par with fish oil, it is, in addition to its main application, is an excellent means of providing care.It is oil for the growth of eyelashes is a real catalyst.Thanks to him, hair noticeably thickened and improves their structure from the inside.At the same time become more bushy eyelashes and well groomed in appearance.However, castor oil is quite allergenic.Since it is necessary to be careful as a result it can easily be hurt not only the lashes, but also the eyes.After all, allergic rashes, redness, and itching of the intolerable age - results are not pleasant.

Sea Buckthorn Oil for eyelashes is no less useful tool.The results, however, are not as staggering, as in the previous case, but nonetheless impressive.In addition, sea buckthorn is not so dangerous in terms of allergies.This oil has a soothing effect on the layers of the epidermis, and also improves the overall fat content of the skin.Therefore, they can enjoy, even those girls who have it with increased sebum secretion, or refers to a mixed type.

Almond oil .For the growth of eyelashes is a tool also fits almost perfectly.However, there are significantly less than the previous two.And the price will be slightly higher.In addition to the favorable impact of the strengthening and overall, it prevents hair loss.Notes even faster growth of new eyelashes replace lost.

Dosing oils

is important not only to choose the right tool, but put it.Oil for the growth of eyelashes should be slightly warm, but in any case not hot.For ease of use it can be mixed with petroleum jelly or a thick nourishing cream for the face.In this case, the consistency will be more dense, and the oil will not spread over the skin so strongly.Apply the product is necessary for the growth of eyelashes, starting from their very foundation.Doing this can be a thin brush with soft natural bristle brush or cotton swab.Discs should be avoided.Otherwise, the oil will get you anywhere, but not the eyelashes.Keep the tool should be 10-15 minutes, then remove with warm running water.

Do not be afraid to experiment.Feel free to mix several oils.The effect of this cocktail will only get stronger.Take note as peach and burdock oil.They will help your lashes to get all the necessary vitamins for healthy growth and attractive appearance.