Professional Cosmetics

We, representatives of the fair sex, so accustomed to the make-that feel some inexplicable need, and simply do not like to go shopping without makeup.Such is our nature, and I think, to try to change the attitude of women to cosmetics illogical.Nowadays a lot of companies - Cosmetics Skin, Dove, Oriflame - offer a chic range of products in Russia.It would be wrong to complain about the lack of choice.But, nevertheless, an inexpensive but high quality goods segment is presented very poorly.I worked for a long time, a sales representative of cosmetic company and know the value of which is formed by this type of product.For example, the average price of mascara Loreal, as in the majority of such cosmetics, the whole sum of the allowances dealers, plus import taxes.Well, here I have hardly surprised, because this situation concerns 90 per cent of imported goods.Still, there is one big "but."To make their products generally available for domestic customers, foreign brands are a simple, and at the same time

an effective step - they build production bases in our country.What gives?First of all, this step reduces the many conceivable costs of transport and finishing cost, plus everything is profitable state company, because there are new jobs and increasing tax revenues to the treasury.Because of what I argue on the subject?I am confused printed on the box of cosmetics two addresses, the second most frequently Russian, I decided to find out.As well as communication and work could not be better facilitated this research.So I put into a search engine "series rebellious spirit" and reviewed the results.
In conversations about this and branded cosmetics, many people unknowingly put themselves to a standstill, calling branded cosmetics false only because of the fact that it is made in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.In fact, the same German products that are made here, not much different from that which is made at home mt.Production meets the same rules recipes.Usually some cosmetic company sent to Russia finished gels, balms, and the rest of the products that our companies simply poured into containers for sale.Therefore, if a friend told me that Caudalie is better to buy only in Paris, do not listen.Undoubtedly, paying for a tube of cream 4 times more, expect amazing results, and it appears.But there is often the result of unconsciously.It occurs effect "placebo".This means you think this lotion or gel, shampoo better than what is sold under the same brand name in our salon.More can be read, written in a search engine "suntan oil, Dove."
For someone to purchase products abroad - an indicator of status.I repeated and I repeat yet to find a high-quality cosmetic products, and we can, you just have to know how to choose.I will not try to argue, the Russian market is sufficient and counterfeiting, but hardly credible boutique will deceive customers, trying to get a one-step gain.In this as in other businesses need trust, and it is easy enough to destroy one disappointing buyer.You can find beauty products, just write something in the search for "Italian shampoo, cosmetics luxury."Choose proven boutiques to buy cosmetics.