Hydrophilic oil - Eastern traditions skincare

Asians look younger than their European contemporaries.It is well known fact.Of course, this is largely the fault of the natural features of the skin.But we can not ignore the system of care for face and body, which differs considerably from that to which we are accustomed.For an oriental woman cleansing face and neck - is a ritual.Many of you are already familiar with the Japanese system of washing and perhaps even managed to try it out for yourself.Well, for those who are interested in this issue not long ago, I talk about what a hydrophilic oil, and why it is needed.

Let me digress.We often hear from the beauticians that used for ordinary washing soap unacceptable.Do not trust the experts agree that there is no reason.I'd add that cream soap is different from the normal only in that it added a solid oil - Bater.

What can replace the usual means.Here we come to the main topic of this article - hydrophilic oil.

If you like to use natural skin care products, certainly aware of the behavior of the

oil on the skin.In contact with water, it turns into a white substance resembling jelly to remove makeup.

It looks and works as a hydrophilic oil.Unlike any type of soap, it has a neutral reaction, but cleans just as good.

Use this tool is very simple.A small amount is applied to dry skin and triturated with a small amount of water until foaming and then fully washed.The remains were removed foam or gel for washing.It should be noted that the make-up with water and a cleaning agent to remove oils on the basis of a lot easier, and the result is much better.

Unfortunately, most of these funds is hardly completely natural.Preservatives they still contain (product because you also need to be stored).But hydrophilic oil or cream can cook at home alone.It is quite easy and the ingredients are sold in the store for soap-boiler and pharmacies.

Here I show proven experience in the recipe.You will need butter Peach - 30 ml almond - 20ml, grape seeds - 20 ml of wheat germ - 20 ml, ten drops of vitamin E. In addition, you'll need a suitable emulsifier, such as polysorbate or povalaks (necessary quantity indicated on the product label).If you wish, you can add 7 - 15 drops of essential oils.

After this purification, often, no cream is no longer required.This set of components is sufficient for nutrition and hydration normal or oily skin.

Prepare yourself hydrophilic body cream or massage the so-called tiles, too easy.They are 70% of cocoa butter (100 g of finished product required 70 g), 20% - is an emulsifier (e.g., polavaks) remaining 9% - liquid oil (peach, flax, cotton) and the rest (1%)- a vitamin E and essential oils.

melt the solid phase in a water bath, together with an emulsifier, add the remaining ingredients, stir and pour into the silicone molds for ice.In the absence of such, you can use a plastic liner from the candy box.Plitochki Put in the refrigerator to quickly frozen.

Many recipes recommend using weights to comply with the dosage.Personally, I am not a supporter of such complications.Especially considering the fact that the most inexpensive measuring priborchik costs 450 rubles.Therefore, I prefer to use the old-fashioned way "by eye", the more that particular precision is not necessary.

If you are not a fan of cosmetics made in your own kitchen, I advise you to pay attention to the Japanese firm hydrophilic oil HIPITCH.It is the best product in the ratio of cost and quality.