Tricks for children at home.

focuses - this is an interesting and exciting experience for all people of any age and of any nationality.For children, such tricks are very important.They help develop fine motor skills of hands and imagination.Today we talk about what kind of tricks for the children at home, you can create.Why

useful tricks

Before to talk about what the magic and "magic" tricks you can do with your baby at home, let's talk than useful such "deception."The first thing you should pay attention - this is what interesting tricks at home helps children to believe in miracles.After all, at a young age (and as an adult, too) a miracle - it is the light that just is.If a child believes in something beautiful and good, and then he grows kind.

Another significant plus, which give children the kid tricks at home - is to get skills.Ingenuity, dexterity, imagination, logic and fine motor skills of hands - that is something that is very important for the development of any age.With "magic show" The process will be fun and

interesting.And if the baby is interested in something, you can be sure to drag from the exciting things it's just useless.Today we will learn to do some magic tricks and magic tricks for children.Secrets, training, equipment performance - all this, read on.

problems show

So, pretty easy to show their numbers magician on stage, where the audience are at a great distance and are roughly the same age.He simply described - adult.But is not the case with the ideas for the younger audience.Now we will focus on how to do tricks for children.

The first thing you should pay attention - this is the age of the public.Of course, the fundamental difference between the adult audience and small children.Probably one - the latter are able to believe even in the small miracle, but older people can see how you are doing one or the other "magic deception" (unless, of course, you are not a professional in their field).

Another point that needs to be paid attention to juggle children at home - this is what you need tools for your submission.Fortunately, all you need, as a rule, have a home.In an extreme case, what you need, you can buy in any store.Whether it's the bright handkerchief or invisible thread - all within reach.Just try to prepare in advance the necessary equipment.

How many slices in orange?

This focus is designed for children who are able to assume.At least up to 10. The best way to show this trick to children from elementary school.So first, let's look at some home magic tricks for children 6, 7, 8 years.Let us return to our first creation.

So simple magic tricks for kids begin!To turn this miracle can a child and an adult.The process is simple - take the orange hands and accurately guess how much it lobules.Children with great pleasure cleanse fruit and be pleasantly surprised by the ability to scan an orange.But that's just the focus that we now reveal.

Riddle "scanner fruit" is very easy to understand.Peel an orange tail, and then count the number of proboscis or points under the "tail".Just did their number - this is the number that shows how many slices in orange.That's how you can do simple magic tricks for children, which can confound many adults.

water ice

Pretty memorable for any trick the public considered the transformation of water into ice.Take a glass and type in a little water.The cup is best to take the paper.Now create a magical atmosphere, for children magic tricks at home should be unforgettable and charming.Make some mystic hand movements, you can say a few words, and then you turn the glass, and ... instead of water from the cup falls ice.Everyone is surprised, and you're back on top.

Make the focus is also quite simple.Here you'll need a napkin, paper cup, water and ready-made ice.To view turned out, you have to prepare the right glass from which will fall icicle.The first thing that is very important - not the capacity must be transparent.It therefore preferred to choose plastic.At the bottom of the cup put wipes, which perfectly absorb the water.Then they are placed in advance icicles.One can only pour water and gently shake the ice from the glass.That's done!

Colored water

Another interesting and rather simple trick - a change in color of the water.Such magic tricks for the children in the home is very exciting.What could be more interesting than the water that can change color right before your eyes?Well, let's see what you need to do.The main thing - it is the right training, because it is from it and the success of a presentation.

In preparation for this trick, you can feel like a real chemist.To begin, prepare a little red cabbage, vinegar, detergent, transparent glasses and a little water.At the same time you should be in the arsenal of purple liquid.Add it in the water and on your eyes very quickly turn out 3 colors: red, green and purple.Miracle!Let's understand, what's the deal here.

First boil the cabbage.Give her all night brew.After that it's time to prepare the water in the glass.In one, add detergent in the other - a solution of vinegar and soap, the third one fill ordinary water.It only remains to say a few magic words for the atmosphere and cabbage broth mixed with water in the cups.You get an interesting and fascinating effect, which is based on chemical reactions.

Orange in apple

What we have tried their skills in scanning orange, and quite successfully.Now is the time for real transformation.We turn orange as, say, an apple.Tell what you can easily turn this into an apple citrus.Cover the fruit with a scarf, say the magic words, spell, clean handkerchief, and there ... has an apple!Miracles!

secret is simple.To begin with very neat, clean orange, virtually jewelry approach.After that, take an apple, which should be slightly smaller than an orange.Place the apple in the peel of an orange.At the time of focus must be very tight squeeze "secret" to peel.After Coverings such as blankets handkerchief "orange", be prepared to show their agility.During that as you take away the handkerchief, you need fairly quickly and quietly to tear apple peel.If you get it, the orange disappears, and here's what you promised to turn the fruit will remain.Practice a little bit - you will soon succeed.But how to do magic tricks at home if they need more training?Read on!

Golden Book

focus for the children at home - it is simply unforgettable and magical process.Now we'll turn an ordinary book very real piggy bank.More precisely, the piggy-Samobranka.Coins in it themselves increasing.Take a book, put one coin in it and close it.Say the magic spell, do some magic movements and then reopen the workbook.From it will fall for as much as ten coins!What a great magic!

The secret of focus is very simple.Take a few coins (namely - nine pieces) and hide them in the spine of the book.Now, when you start to shed its opening, the coins fall out and create the illusion that you could do from a conventional book magic kopilochku.Thus, the focus for children with a secret - it's a great way to get a lot of pleasant emotions small audience.

Compliant Tie

Our next focus is the power of even the kids and novice magicians.You get up in the costume of the audience, but something is wrong.You forgot to put on a tie!This case is easily remedied - only one light stroke of a magic wand and everything.Bow tie in place, you can continue to submit.It's a pretty interesting way to the appearance on the scene even before the adult audience.Now let's see what is the secret.

All is correct preparation of your butterfly.Take a tie and sew him a thin rubber band.Self tie hide armpit.The other end of gum must be threaded through a loop buttons on the suit.Now pull the gum under the suit to the waist.Fix it.It remains to take the magic wand and swing it - at this point, release the gum.That's all the case - when the gum is released, the butterfly fall into place.You can continue our idea!

Wonder spoon

interesting tricks in the home can be completely ridiculous.Take a cup of sweet tea or compote, and then show everyone spoon and let that now you will drink tea.Quietly spoon stir a drink, but for a moment - and that's already a spoon on your nose!Funny focus.But it must be very carefully prepared.More precisely, fill out and practice.

In fact, because of the sugar spoon can really stick to the nose.So make sure that it was in a cup with a vengeance.In addition, gluing the spoon to a concave side of the nose.Get a little sense of humor, and funny and humorous focus for children in the home is ready!

read minds

This focus can show as a child and adult.Unlike the rest, here is useful to you mate.Ask the audience to take at random any book from the shelf and give the number of pages.After that, leave the room.Assistant reads the first line of the book to all the spectators.Then you go back and repeat without any tension that had just been read!Magic!

In fact, the secret of this focus is simple.Our magician and the magician simply read.To prepare for the presentation will be a difficult - you need to prepare two identical sets of books.One will be on the shelf, the second - you have outside.When you leave, just read the first line of the book and memorize it.Log in and try again.That's the whole key terrible secret mind reading.


So, it's time to take stock of our magical, mystical, magical, fascinating and interesting journey.With tricks described above, you and your children will be able to quickly and easily carry out the most genuine representation for any audience.You can not call a professional magician - enough on their own to spend a little bit of training and invent themselves beautiful, truthful and spectacular costume, set the stage and place for the public, and then get to work.

Remember that only tricks and wonders will be able to develop the children's imagination and in good faith.In addition, this kind of employment, particularly joint training of magicians in the process of witchcraft will bring together parents with children.Be happy!