Cosmetics company "Green Mama": reviews and description

Most of the women have ever done shopping cosmetics online, faced with an online store "Green Mama".Reviews loyal customers about the quality of this portal cosmetics - the most enthusiastic.But to better understand whether it is so effective, no harm will study its composition.

himself a cosmetic concern has positioned itself as a company, preferring natural ingredients.Indeed, as a part of almost all creams, lotions and gels sold under the name "Green Mama", there are natural extracts from plants and essential oils.Therefore, cosmetics "Green Mama" consumer reviews say about that, no doubt, in its favor, is largely curative.The presence of a large number of medicinal plants and natural essential oils allows to be treated with cosmetic products are the most common skin problems: dryness, redness, skin rashes.

Cosmetics "Green Mama": major series

" Formula taiga". This is the most popular series, produced by "Green Mama".It is composed of components of vegetable origin and herbs, most of which

grow in Russia.In this series are produced face cream, means for cleansing and toning skin cream for legs and arms, balms and shampoos for the hair.

" Sea Garden". It is primarily a cosmetic anti-cellulite effect.Recently, as part of this series produced shampoos, conditioners and cleansers.

" Denis Ozornin." This is a series of cosmetics designed for family use.Cream, shower gels, and sunscreen - the basis of the line "Green Mama" . Reviews of cosmetics "Denis Ozornin" say that, despite the relatively low price, it can satisfy even the most demanding customers with its quality.

" Fly away!" care acne prone and oily teenage skin - it is very, very difficult.Help young people in care, maintaining health and beauty skin is designed this series of cosmetics "Green Mama".

" Child Line." Any mother knows how hard it is sometimes to choose the really high quality and hypoallergenic cream for sensitive and very delicate baby skin.This series of cosmetics "Green Mama", reviews of which only the positive, emulsion includes bathing, cream and shampoo, not irritate the eyes when bathing.

" Aleut." Careful maintenance and constant maintenance of aging skin in good shape - the main task of this series, developed specifically tailored to the growing needs of aging skin.

A variety of products, as well as its high quality allows any woman to choose her suitable cosmetic care.

Cosmetics "Green Mama": consumer reviews

Among the existing network the most positive reviews - the means of hair care products from the company's "Green Mama".According to the women who used the brand shampoos and conditioners, they are not only perfectly clean hair, and care for them, preventing excessive production of sebum and preventing dryness of the scalp.

no less enthusiasm among consumers invariably cause and lotions and sprays for hair, giving them shine, elasticity and facilitates combing.Created on the basis of herbs and essential oils, they perfectly nourish dry hair, restoring shine and strength.

reviews creams and gels from "Green Mama" at least positive.Natural, pleasant and light fragrance of herbs, high quality and convenient packaging makes these cosmetics are very popular among Russian women.But it is worth remembering that natural cosmetics can not store it for long enough, so do not store cosmetics "Green Mama" - a much more rational to buy it as needed.