Using tanning: reviews and machinery

Want to buy a beautiful, even natural-looking tan without harmful sun deck and the scorching rays of the sun?It may only need to use tanning.

Why is it needed?

This tool is used not only in order to become similar to the Latin American star, but also in many other situations, if you want to:

- to remove painful pale legs after a long winter;

- to mask traces of stretch marks on the skin;

- prepare a hundred percent responsible for the photo shoot;

- simply give your skin a nice healthy color.

In each of these cases, tanning, reviews which are very different, simply irreplaceable.

large number of women believe that self imposed this tool is very, very difficult.Perhaps for this reason many people do not like to tan, reviews about it are often negative.We just need to learn how to use the tool.

Learn how to use self-tanning, reviews then this means you will only be positive.

Difficulties applying

theoretically cause remedy is quite simple, but in practice a little harder.In addition, s

elf-tanning often has a specific smell, which you may not like.If you react strongly to fragrances, you should pick up the vehicle more expensive.Typically, a higher price indicates the best ingredients and no corrosive odor.

Besides this point, the cream-tan has virtually no drawbacks if you are, of course, do not buy some cheap version of such funds.Tanning - an excellent alternative to harmful tanning salons.

So follow these four steps and you will get a beautiful skin bronzing without having side effects.

prepares the skin

Well, decided to use a cream-tan?Reviews revered?Then we begin!

about seven days before you schedule the first application of self-tanning, discontinue use of cosmetic products containing alpha acid.Even the day before the "operation" shave legs or perform any other hair removal option.It is very important to do it exactly 24 hours, otherwise, no one can guarantee you that the remedy lies without strips, smooth and beautiful.

Spending exfoliation

This step is a must.After all, without it you will remain on the skin of dead weight of the particles, and this is a direct way to an uneven spray tanning.Buy exclusive body scrub or make homemade sugar and vegetable oil, for example.

application itself

If you do not want to get dirty, be sure to put on thin latex gloves.

So, start with the face.Hair should be pulled back under a kerchief or bandage.On skin tanning should be applied only to the one that is designed for this area.Buy a remedy for Dior, Estee Lauder, or Bronze Eclat Du Visage.Such reviews tanning certainly will be very good.

If your plans do not include becoming a mulatto better mix means Sun 1: 1 with your favorite moisturizer.The main thing carefully shade, but in case you do not have ugly stripes on the skin.

When a person is finished, go to the body.There is no longer need to mix with self-tanning lotion, it can be applied in pure form.Starting from the application of the legs, upwards and massage in circular motions.

Maintaining color

means let soak into your skin.To do this, you need at least half an hour.Even if you use the spray to dry out more quickly, take the time to touch the body, wait for 30 minutes.

Dress in dark and rather loose-fitting clothing and the same clothes.Within 4 hours you can not take a shower or doing sports.To prolong a beautiful bronze color, always apply a moisturizer to the skin.