Cosmetics 'Mirra': reviews, descriptions, characteristics

Among the abundance of cosmetics brands that are popular in Russia, has gained a lot of fans and Cosmetics "Mirra" - testimonials of people who have tried it are almost always positive.This success in the company explain the idea that underlies the production.The main thing is to emphasize that the laboratory specialists "Mirra" - it's only natural origin maximum possible number of ingredients.In some types of products, "Mirra" naturalness index reaches as much as 98%, which demonstrates the sincere desire of the company to give their clients the pleasure of using really high-quality cosmetics.

This pricing policy is democratic enough - the prices of most of the products are comparable to the premium products of many well-known brands.But this natural cosmetics "Mirra" reviews of which are mostly positive, far exceeds its main competitors.

second reason for the effectiveness of cosmetics - this is the correct and balanced range of components for creams and lotions.For example, many of them are ex

tracts from red and even black caviar, colloidal silver and DNA salmonids derived from their milk - all this truly luxurious ingredients can give the skin not only food and hydration, but also to return the youth and freshness evenin adulthood.

Among the major cosmetic lines produced by the company "Mirra" reviews of which only speak in its favor are the following.

Mirra Hair .This series of products is designed for thorough hygiene and deep supply of hair.It includes not only traditional balms and shampoos, focused on solving the problems of different types of hair, but also mask, styling tools and products for the care of hair after cleansing.Reviews of consumers say that the regular use of this line really improves the quality of hair.

Mirra Intim . no secret that pick up a perfectly balanced tool for intimate hygiene is sometimes quite difficult.But the company "Mirra" opinions about which speak in favor of the purchase of its products, could solve this problem by creating an innovative tool based on the effect of delicate acids and chamomile extract.In addition to the intimate hygiene gel, in the series includes lubricants, as well as the composition of aromatic oils.

Mirra Intensive . This line of products focused on the elimination of the most common skin problems: acne, dryness, decay and lack of tone.In addition to creams, this series produced by "Mira", reviews of products that say about its effectiveness, include unique in its effect oil compositions, balms and concentrates containing a valuable natural ingredients - extracts of caviar, precious essential oils andrare plant extracts.

Mirra Forming . This is a series of several face masks that can not only give the skin nutrition and cleansing, but also have a pronounced lifting effect, that is, pull up and return weakened skin tone.Regular use of masks developed by the specialists of "Mirra Lux", about the work which is very high, will prolong the youthfulness of the skin and make it shiny and elastic.

Mirra Mineral .Day and night creams that are part of this series from the firm "Mira", have a balanced (by the presence of the most important skin elements) composition, which makes them particularly effective in cases where there is a need to strengthen the adaptive properties of the skin (after the flight, whenClimate change, in the journey).Restoring the barrier and nourishing the skin, they let her through stressful situations and remain healthy and radiant.