L'Occitane: reviews and review

France is famous for its abundant variety of plants, from which the aromatic oils and essences.In this stunningly beautiful country has a huge plantation of jasmine, heather, sage, lavender, thyme, there are many varieties of roses.All these plantations and orange groves are located in the capital of perfumery art - Grasse.

second oldest town in France called Provence, it is surrounded by huge fields of multi-colored violets.It was in Provence was born and raised perfumer Olivier Bossan, the founder of the world famous cosmetics company L'Occitane.Reviews of buyers of its products to help others find their way and to choose one or the other line.

history of the company began in 1976, and today the brand is very popular not only in America and Europe but also in Russia.A distinctive feature of all the products is that it is made of natural ingredients.Bossan positions cosmetics as a reflection of the natural generosity and realization traditions of the southern region.

Cosmetics L'Occitane made onl

y from plant ingredients, it is one of the main principles of the company.Leaders of the cosmetic companies are constantly organizing various social programs that aim to support and help sick people, including the blind and visually impaired.The Company periodically makes new plantations to grow more natural crops, from which later will receive essential oil.Thanks to the huge production of women around the world are free to use cosmetics and perfume brands L'Occitane.

most women rave reviews.Many say pleasant aroma, softness funds, moisturizing and surprisingly rapid effect.This brand produces environmentally friendly products for hair, face and body - gels, foam and essential oils for bath and perfume water, flavorings for the rooms, decorative cosmetics.

symbol of the company can rightly be called shea butter.The oil is extracted from the fruit of healing Shea, it has regenerating, sun and stimulating effect.The secret to cooking this recipe Olivier learned from African women.With this recipe, this is a cosmetic trump trademark of L'Occitane.Reviews of buyers of oil are positive, after its application the skin becomes soft, velvety and moisturized.

No less interesting cosmetic series "Orange Ribbon", it is based contains natural orange oil, which have the properties of antidepressants.A similar effect has a line of "Essential Oils", the greatest demand among the fairer sex.The range of products has a lot of medical cosmetics called "Five essential oils", it is designed for the scalp and hair.With this tool, you can restore even the most problematic and weak hair - is the perfect combination of therapeutic aromakompozitsii.

For women over 40 established anti-aging cosmetics.France - is a country where the middle-aged women particularly reverent attitude, and therefore Bossan created a wonderful means to restore skin elasticity, tone, provide a peach, as well as moisturize and nourish the epithelium.It should be noted that all the tools are packaged in environmentally friendly materials.The company is a member of PETA, which actively fights against studies of cosmetic products on animals.

L'Occitane - product reviews

Every year the number of satisfied customers and repeat customers is increasing.Many are satisfied with the high quality scrubs, oils, salves, lotions, tonics, foams and shampoos.A lot of good reviews about this shampoo brand, it relieves irritation, itching, effectively soothes the skin and restores the natural functions and fights dandruff.After applying the shampoo hair again become soft, shiny, thick and strong - no need to use the air conditioner.

Many rave reviews and other cosmetics L'Occitane.Weighty advantage of the company is that it manufactures products for different age groups.There were those people who did not like the product or not liked.However, people expressed dissatisfaction with makeup, did not consider certain points when using - characteristics of the skin.Each person it is different, so before you use a particular tool, you first need to make sure whether it will not cause you an allergic reaction.