Cosmetics Uriage: reviews, the catalog where to buy

Today one of the most popular manufacturers of medical cosmetics laboratory is Uriage, product reviews which are very positive.The name of his company received through the little town in France, where it is, in fact, receives a basic component for its cosmetic products, namely a special mineral water, which is characterized by a neutral pH.And it is the special properties of water allow the laboratory to develop and establish the means to care for delicate and very sensitive skin, as well as effective enough to cleanse the face.

At the moment, we can say about the active development of the company Uriage, reviews about the products that appear every day in greater numbers.Laboratory tests are carried out constantly new means of cosmetics, and her own catalog of frequently updated with new names.

Catalog Uriage

catalog cosmetics laboratories Uriage, reviews of which many, at the moment, you can find a variety of products.This means cleaning the skin and designed for primary care for face and body,

and a special children's cosmetics, and anti-age products and sunblock lotions for oily skin.At the same time in each direction of the cosmetics company offers not one but several products, each of which was quite rigorous laboratory testing, in order to leave no doubt about its quality, usefulness and safety.Special demand is characterized by stability in the anti-aging caring funds from Uriage, customer reviews about which very often you can meet in the "female" sites.

main advantages of cosmetics Uriage

All medical cosmetics produced in the laboratory Uriage are the result of joint work of qualified pharmacists, cosmetologists and dermatologists.The company carefully monitors the quality of the products, uses unique technology to preserve the preparations in all the useful properties of the main component (mineral water with a neutral factor).Therefore, among the main advantages should highlight the fact that all products are high-performance, hypoallergenic, has excellent tolerability, does not dry the skin and does not violate the integrity of the cells, it has a calming and anti-oxidant properties.And so it is not surprising that the cosmetics Uriage has only positive reviews.

Uriage: where to buy

the domestic market of cosmetics products Uriage Laboratories has become known recently, but has already gained significant popularity.You can buy funds in specialized pharmacies, as well as various online stores that sell cosmetics and medicinal preparations.But in order to reduce the risk of buying fakes, experts recommend to buy such products only in pharmacies, which met all the necessary requirements for their storage.

Uriage Iseak: reviews

Most of the reviews about this cosmetics good.Buyers appreciate the company Uriage, primarily for high-quality products that effectively solves the tasks assigned to it, whether it's cleansing, moisturizing the skin and get rid of problems with it.Another one of the advantages these drugs - this is what can be used for people with any type of skin, as a basis here is water with a neutral pH.However, attention should be paid and cons that consumers find in Uriage.In particular, it notes rather high cost.Thus, the price of a small amount of cream in a tube and can reach several thousand rubles, which will agree, not everyone who wants to afford.Another disadvantage is the unavailability of products Uriage Laboratories, its deficiency in conventional retail outlets, realizing cosmetics.Meanwhile, you can order products via the Internet, which, however, does not guarantee its safety during the delivery and compliance with important storage conditions.