Professional hair dye.

today a rarity to meet a girl who never in his life did not paint hair.This is not surprising though, because that painting - it's a great way to change your look, change the image.In just one hour you can from ash blonde to turn into a burning brunette.Important in the process of transformation - a good hair dye, reviews about which you can get at the beauty salon, the specialists or girlfriends.You should not be naive to believe advertising and blindly buy everything that is best known.Purchase only high-quality professional tools that can guarantee a perfect result.

Resistant hair dye.Reviews stylists

If you can not pick yourself a suitable dye color, you can always seek the advice of stylists and hairdressers, who will gladly help you.There are also special programs for the selection of the ideal color.

Choosing resistant hair dye, especially Decide how long you want to be painted, for 2 weeks or a few months?In that case, if the effect is required non-durable, you can come and coloring shamp

oo, but if you want to radically change the color and get rich scheme, then you need a professional hair dye, reviews of which only positive.

When choosing guided by the palette, rather than the picture on the box.In fact, in the shade of the palette can be very different from the one that you will see later in front of a mirror, but it all depends on your natural hair color and texture.Do not resort to using natural colors, if you want to dramatically change the color of your hair, henna and Basma not able to paint over the hair so that the color tone was rich and preserved for a long time.

Hair Dye Estel.Reviews

Consider this brand more detail.Estel - professional hair dye, reviews about which you must have heard from your barber or stylist.Most often, it acquired those who want to get high-quality coloring for modest money.Estel - a great alternative to popular foreign brands, offering coloring compositions.The advantages of this paint can be attributed to the fact that the manufacturer offers a large palette of colors, and its composition are particles that support healthy structure and elasticity of the hair.Staining ensures natural color without the effect of the "puppet."Estel We have a whole line of hair care products, so in addition to the paint you can buy all the necessary tools for hair shampoos to masks.

As consumers themselves say, it's really good products at affordable price.The quality of it is at a professional level, which means that it is used not only at home but also in beauty salons.

Hair dye Londa.Reviews

Further information will be provided on at least a quality product.Londa - another popular professional hair dye, reviews of which can be heard everywhere.It also refers to the dye, which can be purchased at an affordable price.Londa more than a dozen years breaking records of popularity among his own kind and ensures customer product quality.In the palette of the Londa Professional - 91 colors, allowing customers to choose the color that suits them perfectly.

Customer feedback about these products varied.One voice in asserting that the Londa - the best ink from the line of professional public funds, while others claim that the dye is greatly injure the scalp and quickly washed off.Whatever it was, the selection of hair dyes - an individual matter, and much depends on the structure and color of hair.Do not buy on advertising gimmicks and overly experiment with colors.Refer to the experts, you will be sure to help you choose the perfect tone.