Cosmetics «Clarins»: reviews, history, range

cosmetic company «Clarins» for more than half a century has been the introduction, the study and creation of innovative treatments and body care products that promote recovery and prolong youth.This brand is a pioneer in the production of herbal cosmetics, its developers have taken care not only of women but also of the stronger sex - it was a real discovery in the beauty industry.

Special men's line is different unobtrusive aroma and delicate ultra-light texture, each man will be able to appreciate all the means of well-known brand «Clarins».Reviews from men about the products of this brand admiring, almost all who have used the means mark a visible result from the first days of use after shaving gels, lotions, foams, creams.Funds do not cause allergic reactions, are quickly absorbed into the skin and moisturize it well, preventing dryness and flaking.

Cosmetics «Clarins» is popular all over the world, it is in the top five most popular cosmetic products of class "luxury".Its founder, has repeated

ly said that is a true connoisseur of feminine beauty - its main aim is to make every woman more beautiful and desirable.Sure, he did it because his admirers among celebrities, actors, film and theater.

bit of history about the company

French company «Clarins» was founded in 1954 by Jacques-Klarenom Courtenay.The first, whom he invited to his company were qualified doctors, dermatologists and researchers.Their main task was to comprehensively diagnose all the components that make up the cream.Before products come to market, it carefully examined, as she passed dermatological control in laboratories.

Through this total control products are the highest quality and in great demand, even though quite impressive value.Today the company not only has a large number of shops, and beauty institutes (out of 110 worldwide), where each user can try the products of the brand «Clarins».Reviews of cosmetics mostly positive - the most important thing to choose the right funds, taking into account individual characteristics of the skin.

assortment of cosmetics

international level products released only at the beginning of the 70s of the 20th century.This is due to the fact that the original high-quality products for skin care were distributed through specialized salons and clinics «Clarins».User reviews were positive.It was only in the 21st century, it became possible to buy in retail stores, boutiques, online stores that have opened on different continents.

range of products is represented not only by traditional cream for intensive care of the face, hands and feet, the company also produces a series of high-quality perfume and makeup (for different types of skin).The product range includes phytotherapeutic and aromatic products to improve health.Absolutely all of the products are at least 86 studies to verify the suitability and quality.Anyone who is looking for an intensive cream to prevent wrinkles, can find it in one of a series of cosmetics «Clarins».

Russian imports products and provides delivery to any region.On line tools you can find in shops of the brand.The company annually produces record number of different series and lines designed to solve problems with the skin.The most famous among them:

  • Truly Matte;
  • Multi-Active;
  • Daily Energizer;
  • Gentle Care.

The company pays special attention to sunscreen and men's cosmetics.Also, the brand creates an amazing collection of multi-colored shadows, blush and lipstick.For an ideal makeup suitable tonal basis manufactured using vegetable components, which not only evens out, but also have a therapeutic effect.

unique company in that it has a staff of highly skilled employees and its own research laboratory.Experts thoughtfully added components such as plant extracts and natural oils that make the product useful, safe and quality.All the best harvested in cosmetics «Clarins».Customer reviews only confirm its unsurpassed quality and stylish design package.