Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is now rapidly gaining popularity among women who are willing to buy quality cosmetics and learn the basics of laying a new makeup.And if you have not tried to use it, it is necessary to urgently correct this unfortunate mistake.Liquid eyeliner, which is usually found in normal female beautician, is losing ground.And it's no wonder.Consider the advantages of a liquid gel eyeliner:

- She's great falls on the eyelid, ie slides smoothly, does not stain the skin.

- has a bright, saturated color.If you want to get a result, "blacker than black", the gel eyeliner - what you need.In addition, you can select other colors.With this gel liner is often used as shading.

- it dries instantly.So you need to have time to shade it, if necessary.

- It can be used not only as a liner for drawing arrows.It perfectly shaded, it is applied to the shadows, to increase their durability.

- Gel Eyeliner has a long period of use.You can enjoy themselves for years.

Of course, there are nuances and her relat

ive disadvantages.You should always close the jar with a liner, as it can dry out.In addition, some complain that it does not wash off.Well, for the beauty you have to have patience, time, special means and a pile of cotton swabs.

How to use eyeliner

There are a number of tips, listening to that, you can hit around her make-up and save a lot of your own time.

  1. Gel Eyeliner has a special texture - pasty.Use a synthetic brush her application, they can be cleaned more resilient in comparison with natural, and have a comfortable nap length.
  2. Collect eyeliner on the brush, making a light, slightly "Scrolls" movement.Pile thus should be completely submerged into a paste.To remove the excess liner with a brush, roll it on the side of the jar.Then the line you get a clear and smooth.
  3. Note that the brush should not be a balance from the previous application.Rinse with water before use and dab a napkin pile.
  4. you can apply eyeliner to any shade, in addition, it is easily shaded, but just do it as soon as you have caused her.After all, it was quickly fixed.

If eyeliner gel has dried

not worth much upset.This is fixable.If you see cracks on the surface of the liner, it may be caused by natural evaporation.In general, this means it is prone to desiccation when exposed to air.If this happens, this is what can be done:

- If eyeliner gel no longer became pasty, and solid, slightly moisten the pile brush with plain water before using.

- Add the jar drop of vegetable oil (jojoba or olive), and then mix the contents.After that, it will recover properties.It will be great to glide over the skin and applied.But do not add more than a drop of oil.From this may change consistency liner, and it will start to spread on the skin.

Companies that produce gel eyeliner, abound.For example, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Mac, Catrice, and others.So you can easily pick up a tool that will meet all your needs and requirements.Prices of such products are not too low, but still every woman can afford such a nice acquisition, if he wants.Do not be afraid that you will not be able to use gel eyeliner.Skill comes only with experience.So after a few experiments you already start to hit the surrounding high-quality and professional makeup.