Kerastase - popular French cosmetics for hair care.Wide professional line covers all types of hair and problems associated with them.Kerastase cosmetics developed in the laboratories of L'Oreal, the largest brand specializing in professional products for hair care, with the aim to improve, heal and strengthen our hair.First of all, the line focuses on dry, thin, split, weak and damaged hair.For each of the types of developers have released a series of narrowly focused funds that solve many problems.The medical line of Kerastase have the means for professional salon and home care.

brand was founded in 1964 in Paris.Initially, all production has been focused on the European market, but later gained fame around the world.Already in 1990, production has become popular in Japan, and in 1999 - in America.At the same time the product was brought to Russia.

reason for the unprecedented popularity of Kerastase was that the company since its foundation took care of each of its customers to find an individual

approach to each of the problems associated with hair.Initially, the products developed just for the elite beauty salons, but later came to the mass market.

choosing cosmetics Kerastase, reviews should learn from those who are professionally engaged in it.Simple consumer can often be mistaken in its view and make the wrong conclusions about the results of treatment.

Pay attention to the following series of care and rehabilitation of locks:

  • Kerastase Power - for dry hair;
  • Kerastase Reflection - for colored;
  • series Specifiqu, designed to address and treat problems such as dandruff, oily skin;
  • Kerastase Strengthening - for weak, thin and brittle hair.

In addition to these, there are a series of narrow, for example: Dermo-calm, Noctogenist, biotics, sun, etc.

care products from Kerastase hair are made from materials produced in the territory of only ecologically clean corners of the world: Asia, South America and Australia.All the ingredients that make up the product, carefully studied by scientists and are safe for human health.

Cosmetics Kerastase has very positive reviews and is popular around the world, which means that L'Oreal guarantees consumers the quality and positive results of treatment.Price cosmetic concern to many satisfied customers and not all.Not every customer has the opportunity to buy the brand the entire series, and time to complete a full course of treatment.Sometimes, stopping the choice on a vehicle, consumers are waiting for the result, which can be a complex and long-term in the carrying out of procedures and disappointed afterwards.The price of the shampoo reaches the order of a few thousand rubles, and nectars, mousses and sprays are even more expensive.Most have a high cost of injection (up to three hundred dollars for a small package).Therefore, most of the client's choosing Kerastase shampoo, suitable to their type of hair, and do not make mistakes with the choice.

based on your own preferences and the structural features of hair, each girl will be able to choose for themselves the necessary funds from Kerastase.Reviews of masks, shampoos, lotions, serums, conditioners you can get from prodovtsov consultants in the shops, where the entire line of the makeup.

Kerastase - professional cosmetics luxury.This conclusion is possible, drawing attention to the cost and structure of production.But really high quality of the product, it is said both producers and consumers of Kerastase.Reviews you can hear vehicles and their stylists and barbers who are willing to offer you to try them for yourself.