How to make the hair itself, for example, a shell

Any girl sooner or later wondering how to do her hair herself.Of course, you can find a radical way out of the situation and choose a short haircut.But this solution is not satisfied everyone.Firstly, not all the girls go short hair: everything depends on the type of the person and of the hair, and most of the hair.And, secondly, the long hair - it's still incredibly beautiful.Of course, provided that the locks are clean, healthy, shiny and well-groomed.

A long hair worn loose is not always appropriate and convenient, and not very nice.Long shaggy beard look good only in Brazilian soap operas.And in real life, which is preferable to trim the head and styled hair.So how to do her hair herself?

First of all, is to determine the preferences.What is more like: braids, bunches, tails?Or all together?For thick hair, perhaps, all hairstyles look luxurious.And if the hair, such as sparse, then a beautiful long tail will not work - it will look pretty pathetic.

Because thinking about the question of ho

w to do her hair herself, should start with the classic and beloved by many generations of models.For example, with mussels.This incarnation of the classic French style, suitable for any occasion, place and situation.Simple but elegant, it can be decorated with beads, flowers, beautiful comb or barrette and then fit even for a ball or gala events, weddings, private parties or social events.She is beautiful and for business negotiations and work in general.

Shell, as well as any updo, very attractive open neck emphasizes a beautiful posture and makes Man more refined and elegant.In addition to braid it does not have to have very long hair, there would be enough and the length of the average.Here are just a very curly locks have to be leveled, otherwise the view is not the one.So ladies who want to know how to do her hair herself, often choose this option.

plait it is not very difficult, but for the perfect performance practice have by selecting the time and the situation where no one will distract.Only then will uncomplicated, simple, elegant hairstyle.How to make the shell of the hair?First you need to carefully comb your hair, get them back into a ponytail, holding hand and not using rubber bands.The second stage - to tighten the tail in tow.Make it possible both tighter and looser, leaving individual strands and thin curls.Now we need to build a harness from a twisted loop on the head, resulting in a cushion to hide the tip of the tail and attach the resulting structure pins or any suitable pins.That's the whole secret.

And how to make hair itself, if you want something stricter?Just select a smooth shell, in which all the strands carefully hammered into the tail and the head sprayed with lacquer or spray.Barrettes and pins used in this embodiment, a modest, low-key, neutral colors.

Well, for a romantic evening shell can be decorated with ribbons, beads, even rhinestones.Or even more: not to hide the tip of the tail roller and release it outside and podzavit, to get the curly locks.This will give the image of not only the beauty and elegance, but also originality.