I have split ends, what to do?

split ends - an issue that worries many girls.Even high-quality and expensive tools designed to eliminate this drawback, not always heal split ends.What to do?First we need to find out the cause of undesirable changes in the hairline.

Why hair whipped?

Exfoliating tips appear because of the layered structure of the hair, the inner layer consists of keratin, and the outer, or cuticle, protects the inner part of the damage.In turn, the cuticle is composed of several rows of scales superimposed on each other.When the cuticle is destroyed, damaged inner layer, and exfoliates keratin.Even if a girl to care for appearance, may appear split ends.What to do with this?We have to periodically visit the hairdresser and cut the ends, keeping the length.

There are other reasons that give rise to split ends.What to do in each case?

  1. If we talk about the weather conditions, women's hair need protection all year round: they must be protected from direct sun, the temperature drops, the rain and the cold.Sea salt
    is not always good for the hair structure.
  2. thermal effects in the form of a hair dryer or ironing, curling irons or hair curlers clearly destroys.Before using them need to apply Heat protective agent.
  3. should limit the mechanical damage: wet hair elastic bandage can not combing or wiping vigorously with a towel.It is important to select the correct comb - it is desirable that it was a rare teeth, wood or natural bristle.
  4. undesirable too frequent washing, particularly low-quality facilities.To care for split ends, it is important to provide them with adequate nutrition and protection.

How to remove split ends?

rules of hair care to help prevent the destruction of their structure:

  • The first thing to cut off the tips that are already corrupted, otherwise the hair will start to break down its entire length.One of the effective ways - hot scissors haircut.This method of 'solders' tips, so they do not break down further.
  • also need to choose a special serum for split ends, corresponding to the type of the scalp.If the tips heavily overdried, they require additional moisture.
  • regularly need to massage the scalp.
  • Periodic nutrition of hair vitamins strengthen their structure and prevent the cross-section.

Other workarounds

There are several ways to eliminate split ends.What if you decide to folk remedies?Before washing the head, try to lubricate the tips of olive, almond or castor oil.Then wrap the head with a towel and wash your hair after an hour in the usual way and apply a fresh egg or sour milk.You can then rinse curls tea infusion of chamomile or linden.

also a great "Grandma's method" - carrot oil.If not, fit carrot juice (fresh) as a compress.But this remedy should be careful blondes: the juice can stain curls.After using shampoo, try to rinse hair with oxidized solution (1 tbsp. Tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar per gallon of water).