I'm going to a birthday to her friend: what to give to please her?

friend - is the one who knows about you sometimes even more than the family.Especially if you are still a teenager - then relationships with adults and does not add up, but the girl she will always be able to understand and support like no other.When approaching a birthday so close person, many start looking for some special gift to emphasize the importance of friendship.And if the nose is an important date, then the more it is an occasion to reflect on the show.So, soon will knock 16 years of your best friend.Gifts for her in relation to this event?

is clear that flowers and romance should be left to the male.And your gift should express the feeling of friendship and affection towards her friend.Gifts for her in such a case?If your life was an event that is firmly connected and you become friends, perhaps a good Prezent will be something that will remind the girl about it.For example, if you met at the rink, you can give her the invitation to drive with a selection of music that was played there, or

skates, if possible.If both of you a memorable trip to summer camp, I remember what it was the coolest.Perhaps the board game, fortunetelling cards or some other common occupation girlfriend will be pleased beyond measure.Or maybe you have a lot of photos from the beginning of your friendship?Arrange them in a cool collage or photo album - such a gift is hard not to appreciate.Be sure it will be nice.

more that you can give the best friend - so that's what she had long dreamed of.And who should be aware of its desires, nor are you?If you know that she has long wanted to collect the entire collection of books of the saga "Twilight", help her in this.Optional to buy every single book - just one that will start a collection or add to it.

Think what to give a friend.16 years old - an age when a girl turns into a girl, and then, cosmetics, perfumes, fashion handbag or scarf will be very helpful.All that can serve in the arsenal of a young seductress, a good fit for the right gift.This category of gifts include books and certificates for workshops for the manufacture of hand-made jewelry, on the lessons of style and fashion, make-up and hairdressing.If your girlfriend appreciates femininity in its appearance, such gifts certainly it will fall to taste.

True friends are also always aware of what is missing each other.Probably, and you know what's missing your girlfriend.What to give in this case - a simple question.That is the thing that will have just the place.Such a gift is not just the appearance of attention, but also evidence that the needs of her you care, as their own.And is this not a manifestation of the strong friendship.

And finally, if all of the above do not fit your girlfriend what to give her?Choose a nice little thing for the interior, a large soft toy or a basket of flowers.These gifts are quite commonplace, but is stand in front of them at least one woman?