Why do pregnant women can not get a haircut?

Pregnancy - a very special period in the life of a woman surrounded by numerous superstitions and prejudices, the most common of which is the prohibition of cutting the hair during the time-out toddler.The question arises: why pregnant women can not get a haircut?According to folk tradition, its roots going deep into the centuries, human hair is power, and if they lose (shaved), we can draw upon his head many troubles, until his death.Our ancestors did not even ask why it is impossible for pregnant women to cut their hair, they were adamant that such manipulation would lead to dire consequences for both the expectant mother and the child.In addition, such a ban has been associated with the belief that a person can guide damage, using a lock of his hair.A woman expecting a baby, was considered the most vulnerable to such a magical influence.

If you ask hairdressers why pregnant women can not be cut, it is unlikely any of them will be able to provide intelligible reasons other than the same superstition

s, but some of them still do not recommend it.Moreover, there are masters who flatly refuse to cut a pregnant woman, for fear that this procedure is a negative impact on her and her unborn baby.Although most progressive hairdressers are opposed to this ban, considering it a relic of the past.They say that a woman should always be beautiful, and pregnancy is not an exception, so if she wants a haircut, you should not even doubt about it.

Physicians who asked why pregnant women can not be cut, puzzled shrug and denied any relationship haircuts in an interesting position and problems with childbirth or child-bearing, as well as health and strength of the child.Among expectant mothers is believed that shortening the hair is not recommended, not only for superstitious reasons, but also because after clipping hair starts to grow faster and thus requires increased consumption of calcium during pregnancy is often lacking.However, doctors explain that the problem is far-fetched, and vitamin complex for pregnant women will easily provide calcium directly the female body and the growing baby.

Orthodox Church asked why pregnant women can not be cut, he says that this is just a superstition, which are not worth listening to.While some church leaders, and especially grandmothers regulars readily confirm that the cut hair during pregnancy is not recommended, you should know that in any holy book is no such prohibition.

I must say that during pregnancy often start to grow hair faster and made more elaborate and stronger.This is due to the influence of special hormones produced by a woman's body, hatching baby.Therefore, many expectant mothers do not want to cut his hair, looking luxurious than ever.But if a woman prefers a short cut, or simply do not want to let your hair, you should not pay attention to prejudice.Pregnancy - a wonderful time when you simply need to be beautiful, because positive emotions from the look in the mirror are useful not only my mother, but also the growing baby in the stomach.But if a woman, in spite of all of the arguments still continue to think about why you can not have hair cut pregnant women, seek new arguments for fear that superstition may materialize, the haircut really should not be.Not because it can negatively affect the development of the child, or to change something in the course of pregnancy, just to not worry and do not worry yourself once again.And if you manage to overcome the doubts and fears, then you can safely go to the hairdresser.