Can I get pregnant after a month?

There are several most popular ways of contraception, which include the calendar method.It is chosen as a rule, women who are confident in your partner does not want to expose the body exposed to hormones and to burden themselves with the constant need to use a condom.The point of this method is vyschityvanii safe and unsafe days, depending on the period of the menstrual cycle.Nevertheless, many women think about whether it is possible to get pregnant after a month?

this question anyway, rises to almost every woman leading a sexual life.The fact that the calendar method assumes that the first few days after menstruation is safe and the risk is minimal fertilization.But is it really?Learn about whether it is possible to get pregnant after menstruation, will allow proper himself woman's menstrual cycle.If in recent years it has not changed, and its duration is from 24 to 32 days, then the probability of conception is very small.This is due to oocyte maturation periods.So with a stable cycle is ready for

fertilization exactly in the middle of it.If not, it leaves the female body.Theoretically, the egg in a woman's body has not to be, as the old had already gone, and the new is not yet ripe.But this is only in theory, but in practice it is sometimes otherwise.Female body is arranged so complicated that small exposure to the outside, such as stress at work, a new diet or fly to another country, can significantly bring down cycle, that is, and oocyte maturation will not occur in the middle and at the end or the beginning.A woman may not even notice it and continue to live a normal life, only the rhythm method of contraception she did not fit.In this case, the answer to the question: is it possible to get pregnant after a month, it will be positive.

The change cycle and ovulation day can affect a variety of diseases.These include not only diseases of the genitourinary system, but also SARS, influenza, infectious diseases, because of which had to drink antibiotics.Inflammatory processes in the genital organs also have a great influence on the life and growth of the egg.If she matured later than usual, and it leaves the body, lagging for several days.This confirms once again that the safety of periods a woman does not exist.More precisely, they are, but does not always know about them.In order for a woman not to wonder whether it is possible to get pregnant after a month in the case of transferring it any disease for some time to change the method of contraception is more reliable.

Another factor that determines whether it is possible to get pregnant after a month, is the quality of male sperm.Some men become holders of such semen, sperm in which they live and function successfully in the female body for a week after intercourse.Of course, such cases the unit, but 2-3days to an end yet in caudate cells there.Therefore, when the egg is matured later than expected, and the sperm has a greater life expectancy, fertilization can occur immediately after menstruation.

In fact, not so much matter what day of unprotected intercourse occurred since conception is influenced by many factors that can somehow make a difference.For those who are concerned about the fact that whether it is possible to become pregnant before menstruation, the answer is the same as in the previous case: Of course you can!If the women are not part of the plans to have children in the near future, then it is better to change the method of contraception or a more reliable when it is too late to do something, to use the methods of emergency contraception within 72 hours of the end of sexual intercourse.