Tortoises in the home and especially their content

When a child begins to ask their parents to buy him a pet in front of them there is a very difficult question: "What is the animal prefer?"Dogs - the faithful friends and partners in the game, but they are a lot of noise and debris.Cats are affectionate, but their wool often causes allergies.Fish cute and quite unpretentious, but they can not pick up.And then think of the many turtles.Water bugs are not much different (in terms of communication) of the fish, but they require constant change of water.But the tortoise in the home good take root.They are not so much a house stain, do not emit loud sounds.Finally, feeding turtles will cost the owners is cheaper than dogs or cats.It turns out that it is the perfect pet!


In nature, tortoises inhabit the vast open spaces of deserts and steppes of Africa, Asia and South America.You can find some species in the woods.Their sizes are different, there are individuals and small - up to 12 cm, and truly enormous - meter.The difference between these ani

mals and rare longevity.They can easily hold on to a hundred years.Turtles are slow and deliberate, and in case of danger, do not run away and hide in his shell.By way of feeding these animals are vegetarians.All this, of course, be taken into account when deciding on how to be kept tortoises at home.


For the full content of the pet should get a terrarium, which will be his house.Of course, there were times when these reptiles lived in a box from under the shoe and crawling all over the house.But turtles such content could cause irreparable harm to the animal.And given the fact that the cost of these pets is quite high (they are even more expensive than its aquatic cousins) should make some efforts and provide your pet a normal house.Terrarium should be fairly spacious to bug could move freely.The bottom should be covered with soil.It is best suited smooth pebbles that does not injure the skin turtle paws.As for any "small" animal living in a terrarium, your "tortilla" is necessary to make a house.This should be a refuge, something like an inverted box without a bottom, with a wide entrance, which fits easily shell.It is necessary to arrange the terrarium heating and good lighting.This is usually done by using incandescent lamps.The temperature at which the land tortoises found in the home, must be between 27 - 29 degrees.And let under the lamp will be even warmer - there is a bug "bask in the sun."From time to time (about once every ten days), you need to arrange your pet a bath with warm water.If it is good to know what fear tortoises, care and keeping them becomes quite easy.But such an insidious enemy for them yavlyayustya drafts.They are contraindicated in these animals because they can cause serious illness.


As wild cousins, tortoises at home prefer to plant food.Most often it is steamed or fresh grass hay, vegetables, salad leaves.You also need to feed their specialty mineral and vitamin supplements, mixing them with food.While the bug may be a long time without water, it is better to put in a water bottle cage.

interesting turtle by the fact that in nature they twice a year (in particular, heat and extreme cold) hibernate.However, in the house when the weather does not deteriorate, the animal can stay active and in these periods.With good care turtle is able to live in the house for 40 years.