How to treat scab cats.

anyone with a need to know, that includes the care of pets.Do not be amiss to explore all possible disease.Some of them can pose a threat to human health.Therefore it is necessary to know how to prevent and treat.The only way to save the life of your pet.Of course, with any symptoms should not delay visiting the veterinary clinic, as many diseases can be installed after the tests and examinations.

dogs and cats often occurs herpes.This disease causes the fungus family.Symptoms vary depending on the species.The disease is a threat to people.Therefore, every pet owner must know how to treat the scab cats.Do not forget that the spores of the fungus can be not only on the body of the pet, but also on its territory.Keep their activities they can for two years, so it is important to treat the whole room.How to determine the presence of the fungus?To do this, use the special tests.

Before you know a vet how to treat the scab cats, conduct inspection of the animal.Most often, the first symptom of the disea

se is called small bald spots on the body of the pet.Sometimes there are small blisters with pus.Over time, the size of the affected area is increased.Maybe itching.In rare cases, shingles can be located all over the body.At the touch of the skin is or greasy or flaky.In some cases, the disease attacks the nails, which leads to their deformation.

In addition, how to treat the scab in cats, it is useful to know how to diagnose it.Most often, veterinarians use the lamp voodoo.In her view the affected area will fluoresce.Some species of fungi are not detectable with this method.Therefore, it uses a more efficient method - scraping.To do this, the doctor will collect a special tool with a little flakes painful areas and examine them under a microscope.For the same purpose can be used the animal's hair.

So, your pet diagnosed with the disease, it is time to learn how to treat the scab cats.It depends on the size of affected areas.The most frequently used special antifungal ointment.It is important to follow a diet and to protect infected animals from other animals.It is useful to check the cat and the presence of other diseases, as a healthy individual is not subject to deprive.That is why it is most often affects the homeless animals.

In severe cases, you can make wraps with sour lime.She has an unpleasant odor, but very effective.An alternative method is to use special medicated shampoos.Most veterinarians prescribe and oral means.Long-haired cats is recommended to cut.But we must not forget that there are disputes depriving wool, so it is necessary to sterilize all the tools.

addition to denying treatment, it is important to destroy the fungus spores all over the place.To disinfect the need to steam and vacuuming the carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture.All floors, shelves, window sills should be washed using special cleaning agents.And, most importantly, do not forget that lichen is transmitted from cat to human, so observe the rules of personal hygiene.