What to feed the chickens in the country?

eggs and meat derived from domestic chickens, are considered a delicacy and are expensive, so it is reasonable to question arises of breeding birds at their backyard.

Breeding chickens in the country - undertaking, requiring constant intervention.You'll have to come back every day to check if everything is in order to feed their pets and collect eggs laid by them.

At first it may seem that the question of how to feed the chickens, not particularly relevant in our time, as the specialty shops offer a wide range of balanced chicken feed.This feed for chickens and hens contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals birds.

However, we must remember that only when feeding birds forage quality pet egg will be the same as in stores.But if you want to get a delicious and very useful the eggs, the birds need to ensure proper nutrition.

is therefore necessary to address the question of feeding more.

What to feed chickens summer

During warmer months, the bird in the direction of feed is poured looks re

luctant, because there are a lot more other delicious food.When free-range chickens eat a variety of bugs, worms, larvae, do not forget to pick green grass and all that is brewing in the garden.In general, if you are able to produce them for free bread, it is the summer feeding problem is reduced to a minimum.In summer it is desirable to feed the chickens forage less, none of us (except for manufacturers) does not know what it's really made and how useful.Belly his feathered cast doubt on the favor and demolished their eggs.

summer chickens content of any remnants of food from the table hosts.The exception is salty and too sweet food, give it to the chickens in any case impossible.Treats for them is wheat.

If the station or near no natural reservoir, the water tank must be once daily change.

What to feed chickens in the winter

In winter time, in the absence of grazing, the issue of supply of poultry should be given more attention.Keep chickens can be both warm and cold chicken coops.Experienced poultry farmers say that the room lighter and warmer, the better a bird feels better nourished.As a consequence of increased egg production.But it was not without its pitfalls.The fact that the chicken - is not a machine for the production of eggs.Like nature, it needs a winter rest.Therefore, the room for poultry should be bright, but moderately cool to give the hens a chance to relax from the production of eggs.By the way, I want to note that most breeds of chickens safely carry thirty-degree frost, simultaneously strengthening your immune system.From them, you will get a large spring, nutritious and delicious eggs.

It should be noted that the winter in such spartan conditions, hens continue to bear the slightest warming.Of course, to a lesser extent than in the summer, but still carried.

for laying hens do nutritious mixture by hand is difficult, so the main dish in the winter for them is the feed, and the remains of a suitable dinner table hosts.

to guarantee adequate nutrition of poultry, it is better in the winter to feed them chicken feed, since it includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals.Periodically, you can give the germinated grain.

If the bird is in the pen and move freely in the area can not, in the henhouse certainly should be pebbles, coarse sand or gravel, which, falling into the stomach, helping to process food.

Question watering chickens winter solved itself as frost and snow they like more than water.But if the bird generally does not go into the street, the water can not do without.Before you feed the chickens, you must change the water in the drinkers.

With proper selection of the breed, this bird would be simplest in the content of wildlife on your plot that will always please the beauty and valuable food!