875 Standard - what is it?

Precious items are always in great demand in the consumer market.As a rule, make them out of silver or gold.Both metals are very common and are classified as noble.


Jewelry accessories are manufactured worldwide.They are manufactured in specialized factories.To get such beauty can be in small private shops.In this case, it is important to be aware of what you are buying, so as not to buy a fake.But the price of precious metals is rather high.It depends on the course, which is formed on the London Stock Exchange.

Often jewelry buyers are deceived.The main reason lies in the fact that most people are not familiar with the intricacies of the major trade and do not know how to check product authenticity.

Definition and types of samples

jewelry, usually contains a certain percentage of the precious metal.This is its breakdown.If the product is made of gold, it is estimated to measure the content of said metal.The silver jewelry is determined by the percentage of pure silver.Why in the

manufacture of such products do not use a metal one hundred percent?For example, gold itself is very plastic.This is a precious raw material malleable.That is why its use in pure form simply impractical.

875 sample - it is a brand?This sample is characteristic of Argentum.She says that the product contains 87.5 percent pure silver.It should be remembered that the cost of any piece of jewelry will depend on bearing the stigma.The numbers on it longer, the more expensive the product.

popular among consumers of silver 875 samples.Price per one gram of the metal begins thirty rubles.In particular it stores may be lower.In one gram of it can ask for from ten to twenty rubles.Silver is much cheaper than gold.This is due to the fact that it is listed below.One gram of gold is worth a half thousand.That is why the products of this metal are so expensive.And in this case an important role in determining the value of the sample is playing.

How to recognize a fake?

Always remember that jewelry nobody will sell at a low price at a loss.The quality of goods can be determined in various ways.First of all, it should be branded.If the product is 875 test, what it might mean?You can make a clear conclusion: jewelry made of silver.It is important to remember that a brand must be present on each of the parts of the product.If not, then you are likely to offer a fake.This is especially important when buying a product of gold.This metal is much more expensive, so that buying a fake, you can lose a decent amount.

Silver is very popular.That is why at all times sought to forge it.Are used as substitutes for zinc, lead and aluminum.Often it also happens that the money is used only to cover the top layer of the product.Sometimes these fakes manage artisanal affix sample.However, it should be borne in mind that such a stigma blurry, half-erased and could not see very clearly.If you purchased the product starts to blacken, then it is not a sign of forgery.It just need to be cleaned with toothpaste.In this case, returning the original shine.If not, then you have been deceived.In this case, the goods must be returned to the seller.

If the product is 875 silver, gold or silver used in its manufacture?In Russia, the official may be indicated following samples: 375 and 500, 583 and 585, 750 and 958, 996 and 999.9.All of them are put on products from gold.This list is not 875 sample.What does this mean?Unequivocally that the product is made of silver.


875 silver sample in Russia is the most popular alloy.Its scope is vast.875 silver sample used in the production of items for the table serving as well as a variety of jewelry.The alloy of this quality be securely held in jeweled.In addition, he is unpretentious in operation and optimal quality and price.All this can explain the popularity of this metal.

If the ring or other jewelry worth 875 test, what does that mean?The metal, which is made from this product, pure silver is 87.5 percent.The remaining share is owned copper.That is why silver is considered to be low-brow.However, there is a caveat.Silver has the property to darken when exposed to hydrogen sulfide.Copper, this process slows down, giving the alloy a reddish or yellowish tint.It is said that products made from the alloy of the highest standard (925), without care can quickly darken.

The designations

Most countries use the metric system, which is an indication of the sample.Affixed to rings and other jewelry stigma indicates how many units of 1000 alloy contains precious metal.Such a system exists in Russia.Thus, the stigma, which depicts a maiden's head in the headdress indicates that this sample is 875. The Soviet Union also enjoyed a certain symbolism.On it can be used to determine the composition of the alloy jewelry.At the time the sample was set 875 with the star.Inside the stigma placed the hammer and sickle - the symbols of the Soviet era.Room was next.

Several different metric, indicating the composition of the alloy, in Europe.There are thousands of metric samples similar to the twenty-four carat.In this system, 875 silver sample corresponds to twenty-one carats.


silver jewelry rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, which is 875 trial are the best choice for an original, beautiful and inexpensive gift.In addition, quite well-known benefits of silver.This metal can kill six hundred and fifty different species of harmful microbes.Its healing properties are used for a long time.In ancient times, the rich kept in a silver jug ​​water, and was applied to the wounds of wars silverware.The use of the precious metal is known in our days.Some people believe that silver chain worn around the neck, enables to prevent pulmonary infection and prevent stomach pains.In addition, it will improve vision and make it more robust and resilient heart.It is believed that the brightening when wearing a silver ring - a sure sign that you should immediately see a doctor.There are serious renal dysfunction.

Cutlery Silver

875 samples are used in the manufacture of household utensils.Silverware formed from this alloy possesses antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties.Moreover, a relatively low price.

Silverware is always a sign of prosperity and affluence.Catherine II banned the release of lower than 875-I sample.Silver at the time belonged to the family values.Each of the items for table stigma family crest.Today, manufacturers of silverware created collections and collections of items that are used in everyday use.