How to care for the kittens right

When the family comes a kitten, this event brings a lot of joy and pleasant hassle.Many owners are faced with various difficulties related to education and proper care for your pet.Before you make a kitten, you should learn how to care for the kittens and buy all of the items that are necessary to ensure the normal life of the animal: a tray and a filler for him, a bowl for food and water, toys and a scratching post.When the kitten appeared in the home, it should immediately introduce the area to show the place where he would sleep, put in the tray, so that he sniffed it.In the first weeks should be closely monitored to ensure that the kitten went to the toilet is strictly designated areas.To do this the right time to track and transfer it in the tray that stuck in his mind that these things should be done only in this place.

important point in the content of a kitten is feeding him.It is important to find the right diet to growing organism was able to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.Nutri

tional advice can be obtained from experienced owners who tell us how to take care of kittens.Every kitten needs affection and kindness, so during adolescence he should pay as much attention and care.Novice owners should remember that we are in the game, take care of kittens.

All kittens need regular medical examination.Each owner must closely monitor the health of your pet.It should be regularly scheduled deworming, make the necessary vaccinations.The eyes and ears also needs regular inspection.In case of formation in the ears of a large amount of sulfur should be carefully remove it using a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.Once a month should be made oral examination.A healthy kitten teeth should be free from damage and food flying and color gum - pink.For information on how to care for the kittens, and can be consulted at the vet.

Almost all cat owners are faced with the problem when their animals begin to spoil the furniture, Tochal about it its claws.This inconvenience can be avoided if the owners will know how to take care of kittens.To teach a child kitten sharpen claws scratching on the special, it should attract the attention of the baby, sprinkling it with a few drops of valerian.If the kitten continues to show increased interest in the master's furniture, must be done regularly cut his claws with special tweezers sold in any pet store.If

acquired a long-haired kitten, you need to train him since childhood to comb.Then no problem with the fact that he will not give up to get rid of his matted hair.Caring for Persian kittens provides regular procedures related to combing using puhodёrki.

At the time of puberty kitten owners must decide for themselves whether they will be pairing your pet.For cats, there are two options to prevent an unwanted pregnancy: hormonal therapy or sterilization.For cats can only castration.In any case, you should first obtain the advice of a veterinarian.