Modern Tiara - an exclusive decoration, highlights the beauty and the status of its owner

Tiara - a symbol of grandeur with a rich history.In the old days it was worn only by the ladies of royal blood, and representatives of the nobility who could afford it.Tiara emphasized the special position of its owner.Moreover, the tiara worn only by married women because it was thought that the young do not require the creation of an abundance of jewelry.For the first time they had received such a gift is not earlier than the wedding day.

little history

meaning of the word "tiara" is not always limited to the instruction on the most valuable piece of hairstyles ladies of noble estates.It is also an attribute of power, as well as an essential accessory clothing senior clerics.Tiara - a headdress shaped like a truncated cone, and the priests of ancient Eastern kings.It also refers to the triple crown of the Pope, decorated with a cross and ribbons, in this form it has existed since the XIV century.

first began to produce tiara Fran├žois Nieto, a skilled jeweler.One of his decorations, Napoleon p

resented Marie-Louise, his second wife.Without changing the family tradition, founded by the descendants of the house jeweler Chaumet, still sells this fashion accessory.Today, they offer luxury and antique jewelry with an interesting history, and current fashion tiara at an affordable price.

modern view

If we assume that the tiara - a decoration for women's hairstyle that resembles a crown "in miniature", it continues to stress the generosity of its owner, and is a status jewelry.Designers do not limit your imagination no limits, creating the most wonderful product.Since the tiara on the hard frame is very difficult to wear today from his increasingly refuse.This allows you to use it as a necklace or wear on his head as a bezel that looks great on a strict penalty, classic updo, long, straight or curly hair.

Tiara for brides

particularly obsessed with tiaras Russian and Japanese buyers.The first is associated with the era of the kings and the latter consider themselves fans of jewelry history of Europe.Tiara also bought a bride from around the world who are planning a wedding in the European style.

It is not surprising, since many famous persons of noble blood used a decoration on wedding ceremony.For example, at the time the Princess Diana marry Prince Charles, she wore a veil and lush luxurious wedding tiara with diamonds, later became one of the most expensive in the history of this kind of celebrations.

How to wear a tiara

Besides now tiara, mainly prefer the bride, these decorations are appropriate and in a variety of activities where outfits invited distinguished grandeur and assume compliance with the dress code, in particular the so-called white tie - one of the mostrigorous, extant since the middle of last century.Tiara is acceptable and at the balls, it is suitable for theater, concerts and gala dinner evening ambassadors.

way, today no one condemn unmarried young women who wear the tiara.Wear it or not depends not only on the kind of celebration, but also from the time of its holding.Tiara - a decoration created just for the evening festivities.During the day it can be seen on ladies much less frequently and only in those cases where it is assumed that the event will end very late.For example, it was at the wedding of Princess Victoria, when the wedding started at 15:30 and ended well after midnight.

In any case, professionals are advised to experience all the charm of a tiara and put it at least once on the occasion.Moreover, it looks great on the blonde woman and brunette, is combined with an evening dress to the floor and high heel shoes, all of which gives the kingship, even those ladies who can not boast of a hereditary nobility of blood.