Sharma's "Pandora": important.

What is interesting and familiar words - "charm"!When we pronounce it, they usually have in mind the human quality, a certain zest, is sympathetic.In English the word "charm" - "charisma."But now the word has become a multi-valued, and charm is called the little ornaments on pendants bracelets that are certainly part of your appeal and style.

What charms can be

are roughly two kinds of Charms: pendants, which are mounted with special clamps, and European charms, which are strung on a substrate.All removable charms.They can be purchased together with the base, or separately.Himself the owner of jewelry decides how many charms to him.Well, of course, only on the wishes of the owner depends on the shape and material of beads.It should be noted that the works are different materials that allows to present to the audience charms at affordable prices, and more.

best gift - a charm!

you want to make an original surprise a loved one?Then just think about it in the value of these miniature ornaments.It i

s the embodiment of his own "I", preferences and sympathies.Such symbolic repository of emotions were known in ancient times, when they were called amulets and talismans, believing in their magical powers.You may be surprised by the fact that the first charms were about 75 thousand years ago.For their izgotoleniya used clay, animal bones and sea shells.And somewhere in a quarter-century later charms carved out of ivory.In the Bronze Age inhabitants of the legendary Babylon preferred charms of turquoise and rock crystal, which testified to the special situation of the media in society.Egyptians wore charms on bracelets to drive away evil spirits and protect your loved ones in the afterlife.Figures on the bracelet were a kind of evidence for the origin of the soul of the deceased to a happy life.By the way, their manufacturing technology of gold charms passed today.

undisputed leader in the manufacture of jewelry today remains Pandora, which, as if reading the thoughts of their customers, manufactures the most stylish and original charms.

«Pandora": comments and suggestions

flurry of excitement hit the Christmas collection of charms, which were presented miniature snowflakes, small Santa Claus, Christmas tree balls and bells.This tale touches even the most cynical girl.On your wrist remains favorite cartoon characters, that the heyday of any set.

Today the company "Pandora" is popular not only among the youth but also among mature lovers jewelry.And it all started simple and banal: it was in 1982, when the couple, Per and Winnie Enevoldsen conceived to open a tiny jewelry shop and realized his idea in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.After a couple of years a couple has created a manufacturing company in Thailand - Pandora Productions.Sharma's "Pandora" conquered fashionistas for its originality and miniaturization.

What are

Design Pandora jewelry tempted not in vain, because on it at one time worked with the famous jewelers big names, such as Lone Frandsen and Lisbeth Larsen, who belongs to the idea of ​​creating a brand bracelets companies with patented Threading.This allows you to freely combine charms, focusing on the taste and mood.Agree, it's nice to be a designer of their jewelry!


achieve the millennium has come, and the Danish public with its patented modular system with stop and thread, which makes it possible to update pendants charms and each time receive an exclusive decoration.The first store of the brand was opened only in 2006 in Hamburg (Germany).Next came an epidemic of fashion around the world, covering Australia, Switzerland, Canada, the UK, the US and other countries.It took 4 years, and the company went public, and the staff has grown to 4 thousand people.In 2012 there were already 10 thousand points of sale in 65 countries on 6 continents.


Today the company offers you the "Pandora" pendants charms in silver, gold, Murano glass, wood and precious stones.Customers can make your bracelet always fashionable and individual, as there are in the range of spacers, clips and connecting chains to prevent the fall of the beads-charms to the bracelet.In addition, they contribute to the even distribution of the weight of the bracelet for the suspension of its minimum stretch.Are you looking for the perfect gift?Or select the item you want, perfectly meets your needs?Then you've come to the right place.Sharma in the style of "Pandora" - a celebration of virtuoso art.Each pendant is unique and keeps in his secret.Look for it and you will know the beauty and radiance variability magic mystery play of light and color.It is no coincidence pendants are sold separately, because each of them is a complete piece of jewelry craftsmanship.The entire range is made by hand and keeps warm hands of the master, so you can be sure that charms for bracelets will bring you good luck.

Decorations century

Many people try to avoid the relatively fresh brand in the jewelry industry.It seems that only the old and proven company can offer a truly valuable product without cheating and margins.But look around you!Do not you notice that the world is not standing still ?!People have become more mobile and active.From massive fashion jewelry over to the original and neat.Of course, at a party or a dinner party, we can see a lady with big earrings, but in everyday life it becomes a gray mouse that does not stand out from the crowd.

Our style is made up of little things: delicate aroma of fine spirits, exquisite sunglasses, cufflinks, bag and, of course, jewelry.The symbolism of jewelery making them the most popular gift.After all, we remember the jewelry, which is received as a gift from a lover, grandmother We protect ring and suffocating with happiness when we receive a gift heirlooms.And the main thing here - not that old jewelry more valuable, and that each of them involves any story.For example, a thin ring of wire become important centers of nostalgia but because with the help of my grandmother's grandfather made his hands, and the suspension of the tree symbolizes the farewell to the best friend who now lives in another city.If you choose charms "Pandora", the value will be fixed in their memory is an important day of your life and live it again, only example creates a bracelet.

The skin

Appreciate the originality?Then look at the textile and leather bracelet cord, which receive special treatment that protects jewelry from abrasions and wear.Bracelet necessarily to be dense.Gold charms complement the skin and express marvelous tenderness, grace and style.I do not like gold?Choose silver, which symbolizes strength and reliability.By the way, charms for bracelets of silver and afford the representatives of the stronger sex, as this material only emphasize their courage.

How to Choose

in jewelry stores are always dazzled: what is better to take?It would seem, if not a high price, so all would have bought.I must admit, "Pandora" pendants charms sells for quite respectable prices, but it is justified by the excellent quality and unlimited design options for jewelry.Even for placement in the bracelet charms there are several options.But first decide the material bracelet, because you remember that pile of jewelry is not indicative of good taste, but only gives your financial status.For example, one need not hang gold silver, but the original version is a combination of two noble materials.Light and air will make your decorating made of Murano glass charms "Pandora", the meaning of which can be secret and available only to you.If your bracelet will be daily, let him be the best of a modest but interesting.Make it together with your partner, to pick up such charms "Pandora", the meaning of which will remind you of dating, the first meeting or wedding.

Related questions

When you have decided on the metal, we must not forget about the size of the bracelet.This is best done with the help of authorized retailers, which is sure to remind you that during the filling of charms jewelery is contracted, and for a comfortable fit on the wrist under it must pass two fingers.The expert also noted that the bracelets can become comfortable slightly, about a centimeter a year.You do not want it hanging?Then do not try to moisten the skin, because it is based on the adhesive and can easily fly off the hands.Also refrain from the use of creams and cleansers.Over the metal base to look simpler: silver, for example, with the time it gets dark, but it can be cleaned.But the skin is not necessary to wear more 5-7 charms at a time.

device decorations

appears bracelet may be beyond our stereotypes.So, the brand "Pandora" produces decorations with branded buckle or snap.Special stoppers that serve as the basis for the clips, record all the details of the bracelet.By the way, the clips themselves are equipped with zipper.They prevent falling when opening the bracelet charms.Naturally, the decoration will be empty without sharmov- "beads" and separators for them.Fans of the brand already know that there are silicone stoppers and seals that extend the use of clips.

most important words

With miniature ornaments can be a declaration of love, to ask for forgiveness or show their attitude.Sharma's "Pandora", the meaning of which is known to all - a symbol of the holiday, cupids, angels, stars.But if you want to open up in front of his partner, you can always choose among the thematic choices.Since the brand "Pandora" charm-heart - is a motif of many collections.Eternal love symbol can be transmitted through the engraving either be directly heart.Beads are not meaningless, as love is never the same.

You will be able to express the full range of jewelery through their senses: from the fiery enthusiasm to deep, serious feeling.

your character

Many choose beads with pictures of animals, and so each of them has a hidden meaning.For example, the majestic elephant - it's an obvious symbol of wisdom and peace.Crab symbolizes prosperity and wealth.Duck - good luck charm, a dragonfly chases away the routine.There are charms "Pandora", the meaning of which is ambiguous.For example, slow-moving turtle becomes a symbol of wisdom and the ability to withstand hardships;angry crocodile gives its owner vitality and cunning, and Princess Frog talks about the hidden beauty.Obviously awesome charm in the shape of the skull helps organize thoughts and to achieve their goal.