Quartz - is that in the mineral?

Quartz - is a common mineral that is known as silicon dioxide.The Earth's crust its content is about 50%.

He is second only to the hardness of corundum, diamonds and topaz.Stone is resistant to strong acids, in addition, it is melted at a temperature of more 1700˚S consequently harm its products in normal circumstances, cause it will not turn.


There are several of its varieties, which have a different color and opacity.Quartz - a mineral that comes in two types:

  • Cryptocrystalline not have a crystalline structure.
  • Crystal.

Crystal quartz

to be treated:

  • rhinestone - Quartz is colorless, transparent, and sometimes has a pinkish tinge.
  • Citrine - transparent mineral with a brownish, gold, orange or lemon flavor.
  • Amethyst - transparent stone, which is a type of rock crystal pink and purple, purple and red-purple hue.
  • Volosatik - the name of amethyst and rock crystal with inclusions of the crystals of rutile, goethite, actinolite and tourmaline, the expense of which are form
    ed in the mineral patterns of "fine hair".
  • Smoky quartz ("rauchtopaz") ​​- transparent nugget with a light-gray, smoky brown, brown or brown color, sometimes with hints of gold or purple shades.When heated changes its color and becomes more transparent.In the Urals, has long been taken to put in rauchtopaz rye dough, then baked the bread.Once in the oven it was cool crystals in, then the stones were taken out.Due to this processing minerals acquired shades of reddish or golden tones.
  • Morion - Crystal tar-black, the residents of the Urals-called "gypsy" or "Smolyak."

Cryptocrystalline quartz

By cryptocrystalline quartz chalcedony from the family include:

  • Aventurine - kind of dense quartzite, which has a gray-yellow, brown or reddish color, the surface shimmers sparkles due to inclusions of small pieces of mica.
  • Amethyst quartz - a jewel purple color with distinctive white stripes.
  • Sapphire mineral is opaque stone milky blue or bluish color.
  • Rose quartz - a translucent stone delicate pinkish hue.
  • Carnelian (onyx, Sarder) - chalcedony with orange-yellow-pink, orange-red or orange tint.
  • milky white quartz - it is rock that has almost no color.
  • Carnelian - kind of carnelian brown-red darker.
  • Agate - a kind of quartz, which consists of opaque colored layers of chalcedony.
  • Praz chrysoprase is a kind of dark green color.
  • Chrysoprase - translucent mineral green hue, which included silica has a small admixture of nickel.
  • Heliotrope - a nugget of dark-green shade with a bit of reddish color.
  • «Cat's Eye" - a quartz pink, gray or white shade, which has the effect of mild reflux.
  • «Hawkeye", "tiger's eye" - a mineral slate-gray or golden-brown tone with the effect of light low tide, which occurs due to the particles of crocidolite.
  • Cacholong - opaque stone soft porcelain-white shade.

also popular quartz - a mineral of metamorphic rocks, which consists of quartz cement, silica sand and quartz, united in a solid and compact mass.

history mineral

«Quartz" - a word that has German roots.It is translated into Russian as "solid."Viewed gem is one of the most widespread on the planet.Quartz - a mineral, which forms the largest family jewels.Few people know that the quartz family includes many popular and famous stones.

Agate, Aventurine, Bingham, amethyst, rock crystal, hair-worm, prase, Morion, rauchtopaz, chalcedony, rose quartz, sapphire crystal, citrine, Hawkeye, cat's eye, tiger eye - all these stones are considered to be members of a given family.All of them has its own fascinating and interesting story.

Quartz - is a rock, which in ancient times was endowed with healing and magical powers.He could treat the legs, head, heart, stomach, and improve eyesight.Made of rock crystal balls have always been considered an important attribute of various predictors.


quartz - a mineral deposit which are scattered all over the world.In our country they are located in the Altai, Urals, Trans-Baikal region and Karelia.It is famous all over the world Ural amethysts, preserving under floodlights its luster and hue unlike minerals Ceylon and Brazilian origin.Huge crystals rauchtopaz, morion and rock crystals are mined in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine.Many deposits of rock crystal are located in the Pamir Mountains, the Urals, the Caucasus and Siberia.

magical properties

Quartz - is a stone, which, depending on their color was used in different ways for magical purposes.

According to yogis, amethyst crystals allow to plunge into the subconscious and reveal your third eye.For this mineral should be placed between the eyebrows.

known as amethyst quartz (rock).This mineral is also called the stone of Tamerlane.It can enhance the intuition to develop the gift of foresight.

is believed that the rose quartz heart heals wounds tunes its owner for positive emotions, but the heart is oriented toward love and good.Milk quartz is able to help a person find a soul mate.

Types of stones with a light tint - tiger eye, cat's eyes - for its owners were amulets that protect against envy, slander and evil eye.

Medicinal properties

Litoterapists believe that milk quartz helps restore mental, eliminating the fear and anxiety, helps to cope with an inferiority complex, which appeared due to the lack of love and improper upbringing.

Carnelian heals from Graves' disease, headaches, nervous disorders and fevers, helps to strengthen teeth, and has antiseptic properties.

Almost all types of quartz have some healing properties.If many doctors lithotherapy questioned, the quartz lamps cure in the official medicine for many years.

Authentication stones

have verified the authenticity of rock crystal is very easy: the product is applied to him to his cheek to feel the coolness as the Romans balls out of the stone used to cool the hands.Also in the rock crystal is no small bubbles, which can often be seen in the glasses - is checked with a magnifying glass.

Application in jewelry

Different types of quartz from the ancient times were used to create stamps, jewelry, bowls, vases, snuff boxes, figurines interior, balls and pyramids for magic rituals and lithotherapy.No wonder today so popular jewelry quartz.What is this gem, know more.

jewelers created sumptuous decoration not only crystalline forms of silica - morion, amethyst, rock crystal and smoky topaz and other precious stones.Many known gems and cameos from sardonyx which were framed in gold during the Renaissance.

To fit Quartz?

every girl fits your own color and transparency of the mineral, as quartz.What is color?Species examined rocks so much that every woman can find a suitable option it is.For example, tsvetotipu "Summer" are ideal rose quartz and amethyst, falcon, tiger, cat's eye, blue-green or gray-blue agate.Tsvetotip "Spring" fit chrysoprase and carnelian."Autumn" looks good in jewelry with smoky quartz, citrine, agate warm shades, carnelian, aventurine, falconry and tiger's eye golden brown, heliotrope.Tsvetotip "Winter" better to choose Morion, rhinestone, kaholon bright amethyst.

Ornaments from amethyst to be worn representatives of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Sagittarius.Chrysoprase suit Gemini and Taurus, rauhtopaz - Cancers, Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio.Jewelry made of rock crystal is recommended to choose Libra, Aries and Aquarius.Citrine Wear Libra and Virgo.

Quartz - is a true miracle that is given to us by nature itself!