Rules for the choice of jewelry : how to determine how many in a conventional diamond carat ?1 carat - is how many grams ?

Like the fashion for clothes or shoes, preferences for specific jewelry also has its trends.Do not change a timeless classic: fine rings, bracelets, pendants and diamond earrings are still fascinated by its beauty.Each beautiful dreams of becoming the owner of the stones at least several carats.1 diamond can weigh several tens of carats, and to understand a lot or a little, you must consider several factors.

What are diamonds

Themselves diamond stones are formed in the special natural conditions, where there is everything necessary for crystal formation.And basically, their emergence is more likely in mountainous areas.Diamonds large size - a rarity, small stones among them there is much more.Therefore, even a copy of weighing several carats - is very expensive.

diamond jewelry affected by cutting, called brilliant.Since each grinding stone becomes unique, but loses weight more carats, the same diamond before and after treatment varies according to the value of hundreds of times.

how to evaluate the stones?

Large and small diamonds are evaluated on different criteria.In the first case has a value of color and clarity, in the second - the weight and not the individual characteristics of the stone.The unit weight of these gems is considered carats - 1 millet seed.

This is only a rough measure, and on its changes affect most unusual factors.The same weighting carried out at different levels of humidity, differences to give 0.13 grams.By expanding its jewelry trade was necessary to give this unit of measure the exact value.

Systematics measurements

In 1877, French traders suggested establishing official figure 1 carat must be 0.205 The proposal is not supported, but a quarter century later, in 1907, at a conference in Paris on the issue of uniform measures and systematizationthe balance was raised repeatedly.Still later, in 1930, approved the final international measure of weight that allows you to determine exactly what 1 carat."How many grams weighs the stone?" - Are often ask buyers managers of jewelry stores.Today it is a measure equal to 0.2 grams (t. E. 1/5) or 200 mg.

Furthermore, there is another opportunity to determine how much weight ct.1 diamond of this mass to be equal to 3.086 troy grain used for weighing large gemstones.

in a professional environment jewelers decided differently determine the mass of stones.We can say that carat - one hundred Point (units are often used as an indicator of the weight of small and medium stones).

Features weighing various stones

How much is 1 carat?How many grams weighs standard diamond?Typically, the weight is measured with high accuracy to two decimal places and the weight is set by the sensitive carat weights.It can be approximately determined by the diameter and stone.Very large diamonds weighing more than 6 carats, sold only at auction, they represent melange.

small stones, weighing not more than 0.25 carats - are publicly available, and they are called melee.If their weight is not more than 0.01 carats, this diamond grit, which is also important in the jewelry business.Shorten 1 carat is indicated as 1 ct, such a reduction should not be confused with the acronym kt, is used to indicate the purity of gold in America.

How does a stone weighing 1 carat?The diamond may have a diameter of 6 mm and a height of 4 mm; he does not look too impressive.It depends on the density and composition of inclusions in it.When talking exclusively about diamonds, the carat can tell a lot about their size.For example, carats correspond to its size, if they have a round cut with 57 facets.

How to choose the right diamond

Jewelers generally recommend the use of the four "B" (English. - On): carat - ct;clarity - purity;color - the color and cut - cut.The main index - the weight, the higher it is, the higher the cost.High quality diamond can have color by its ideal color becomes noticeable in the water.This is where an expression of "the diamond of pure water."

The color diamonds are divided into classes.The first class is among the Russian stones, although they often belong to the second or third.If they have no internal defects, so they are "clean".A similar classification allows you to select among these diamonds have no cracks visible to the naked eye or a magnifier.The cut is already a part of the decor.Basically, offered for sale round stones, although, if desired, can be ordered and another form.

distinguish a real diamond from a fake for the general consumer is difficult, but you should always pay attention to the mark with the number of faces.It depends on the price.For example, the marking on the label 1Kr 57-0,25 1 / 5A means that it is a round stone, alone, with 57 facets, which weighs 0.25 carats, the color of purity class 1 and 5A.Ring with stone will cost about 25 000 rubles.Products with 0.1 carat diamonds to cost no more than 7,500 rubles.Stone in polkarata will cost 150 000 rubles, but it is not very expensive diamond.The price of 1 carat may exceed half a million rubles.