Spirits 'Valentino'.

If you - the modern woman, the sexy and sensual fragrance, which have spirits "Valentino" is meant just for you.Inspired by the enchanting beauty of the Eternal City, the designers created a gentle and romantic perfume for the beautiful half of humanity.

This production was first released in conjunction with Puig (Spanish company).After leaving the world famous maestro Valentino major brand designers have worked on the creation of this fragrance that has become the embodiment of a new image of ideal femininity.In September 2011, Italian fashion house «Valentino» spirits introduced to the public.They are intertwined with the classic romance.Aristocratic elegance is perfectly combined with bold and daring character traits of the modern woman.In an official press release «Valentino» perfume was presented as a way of passing, subtle and elusive woman.Her appearance - mysterious and attractive, it is unpredictable, and characterized in that it has its own style.

In order to fully implement this idea

in flavors, famous perfumers worked and created spirits "Valentino", where notes can be traced Eastern floral scents.As part of the components used, skillfully assembled in Italy: white truffle, orange blossom and bergamot.They were able to convey a well-contradictory rebellious, but at the same time gentle-romantic spirit.

Spirits "Valentino" ideal cocky and confident young ladies.Unexpected weave refreshing and juicy notes of Calabrian bergamot with woody-earthy shades of white truffle of Alba dazzling.With exquisite and rare mushroom ingredient appears soft note.It is also nice to traced the white chord evergreen jasmine sambac, orange blossom, tuberose Mexico, wonderfully mixed with a mischievous and gentle aromas of sweet strawberries.In addition, the luxury spirits "Valentino" will amaze you with the noble notes of Virginia cedar amber vanilla sex in the final accords.

fashion brand throughout its existence has a reputation recognized by King Sheikh chic and fashion.His preference for the ladies with a worldwide reputation.Virtuoso artist to create masterpieces in clothing such as he created and its perfume collection.Today, his followers do not leave a single step from the traditions laid down by the master.Aromas of trading house "Valentino" - it's always the classic elegance and versatility, refinement, sophistication and a brilliant way of life.

Exceptional, incomparable sexy perfume brand «Very Valentino» seductive feminine charm and noble flavors.Bergamot and mandarin orange, tarragon, a delightful rose, magnolia, jasmine and lily of the valley subtle shades create a stunning scent.For fans of classic femininity and the great master were created spirits «Rock 'n Dreams».They are perfect for sophisticated women.

Valentino inimitable, it can be a conservative and modern and young.He did not forget about the young audience, which were created for a perfume with notes of peach, vanilla, cinnamon, wood, and special perfume substances Miron (it is extracted from the myrrh and iris).

product «Rock` n Rose Couture »- very persistent sexual spirits, targeting young women.They emphasize the savage rebellion and remain seductive, even in the morning after a party.

large number of multifaceted perfumes with sensual aromas, rich colors and luxurious ingredients continues the line of men's fragrances.These spirits give the man confidence, creating an image of a successful and attractive conqueror of female hearts.