Spirits 'Empress' will help try on regal monarch

first obtained in 1994, well-known brand "Dolce & amp; Gabbana", despite its relative youth, continues to fascinate and conquer its admirers with new and new flavors, which range in time continues to increase.Rapid start, marked the award of the International Academy of Perfume, which was marked by the debut fragrance "Dolce & amp; Gabbana Parfum", even more inspired creators and behind him came a whole series of perfumes for women and men.The most recent company began devising fragrant perfumes extravaganza "D & amp; G Anthology", which, since 2009, still continues to fascinate the public, seizing its recognition and love, conquering hearts.

The collection includes six different copies of which are devoted to the mystical Tarot cards.And especially the appreciation received spirits "Empress", representing the third card of the Major Arcana.Chic, a truly luxurious aroma of fragrant, colorful and expressive, from the very first chord, fully captures generously pleasure, joy and a sense of self-confiden

ce, conquering once and for all its uniqueness.Spirits "Dolce Gabbana Empress" cascade aromatic fragrance composition, which includes notes of watermelon, kiwi, pink cyclamen and musk completely captivate her majestic regal, exquisite luxury and wealth, with the addition bit of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Do not forget the true fans of the brand, for example, and the unique flavor of "Light Blue", released in 2001, that he was destined to bring the widespread popularity of the company "D & amp; G".This bright and fresh perfume with woody-musky, floral and citrus notes was doomed to enduring popularity to this day it is a hit.And if the spirits of "Empress" emphasize the majesty and power, sits on the throne of the Queen, "Light Blue", on the other hand, charges a premonition of the future happiness, optimism and energy, creates a special elation.That is why this distinctive and pleasant fragrance continues to enjoy unprecedented demand for more than a decade.

"Dolce Gabbana" spirits "Empress" allow every woman to feel as blue-blooded royals, try on an excellent and majestic image of the fair half of mankind.Then, as the "Light Blue" is absolutely appropriate, always and everywhere, because it is completely universal flavor and is ideal for women of different ages and styles.

perfume composition "D & amp; G Anthology" in general, and spirits "Empress" in particular distinguished by such features as elevation, nobility and spontaneity.This unforgettable cocktail of pink flowers and exotic fruits with a chic musky train will not allow to leave without male attention nor the owner of a delicious bouquet that gives real regal perfection her beautiful image.

Spirits "Empress" - is the flavor of a real woman, lady, queen mother, grandly and proudly sits on his imperial throne.Extraordinarily beautiful in its power it commands all, Her Majesty the Queen extraordinary, just magically attractive, seductive and desirable.

novelty, adventure, originality inherent in all flavors "Dolce Gabbana", and their style is constantly changing.The most influential and renowned American customers, foreign and Italian press, the company is referred to one of the many temporary phenomena ever sunrise on the catwalk fashion, consider it too young.That, however, did not stop to win the hearts of many celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Tina Turner, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, and others. As you know, youth is not a vice.