Spirits 'Mexx'

brand Mexx has long conquered Europe, America, Russia and many Eastern countries fresh views on fashion and beauty.The company first became known as a seller of fashionable stylish clothes.And since 2000 it began issuing its own perfumes "Mexx", and toilet water.

Perfumes of this brand instantly became popular and loved by almost all, without exception.Demand for the products of the fashion house took off to the skies.The price of the flavors created quite democratic, while he really high-quality perfume.Eau de toilette "Mexx" is full of attraction, almost mystical, unique in its combination of odors.

Today, the company produces more than 20 flavors, most of which are best sellers, has a loyal following.

hallmarks of perfume are high performance, delicate scent, resistance flavors, original stylish design."Mex" - perfumes and toilet waters - a kind masterpieces, the most famous of which are the following.

"XX by Mexx Nice" - perfume for young girls - light, airy, fresh, creates an aura of joy and

good humor.It is surrounded by bright fruit notes and subtle floral aromas.

Perfume "Diversity" - a wonderful aroma of black currant combined with hints of pear, rose and lily of the valley.Unique lightweight seductive bouquet that creates a special atmosphere of warmth and softness.

"Fly High Women" - perfume for those who want to feel the ecstatic mood of childhood, with its sweet-tasting candy, and atmosphere.This is a world of wonderful dreams, pleasant memories and wonderful warm scent of lilacs and roses.

Spirits "Mexx Woman" - a fresh scent for a creative nature, optimistic, full of energy and the desire for new challenges.Floral, fruity and woody accords like those women who consider themselves to be realistic.Lemon, bergamot and blackcurrant merge into a single cocktail with jasmine, rose and lily of the valley, complete with bright notes of sandalwood, amber and cedar.

Spirits "Ice Touch Woman" - an unusual and invigorating combination of cold and heat, a kind of release of natural sensuality, inflames passions.For the daring, bold, spontaneous and novelty seeking women buntarok.

Spirits "Mexx Black Woman" - for sexual, bright inhabitant of the big city that does not know what doubts and weakness.The fragrance for a lady.An elegant bouquet make subtle notes of pear, apricot, peony and freesia combined with the intoxicating vanilla, which imparts a special perfume original elegance.

Perfume "Pure Life" - a quiet, reserved, but at the same time of joyful and colorful fragrance for optimistic women who want to escape from everyday life.This is an easy mood of the summer created of notes of violet, black currant and jasmine.

Eau de Toilette "Waterlove" - ‚Äč‚Äčlive, feminine note for emotional and open natures.The aroma fills the joy, joy, desire to take risks, within reasonable limits, and expend energy only for the benefit of themselves and their surroundings.

Spirits "Mexx Fresh Woman" designed to improve mood, filled with summer sensations, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, peace and tranquility.This fragrance and freshness of the sun, combined with notes of nostalgia for the holiday on the coast.

Perfume "XX by Mexx Lovesome" - is a mystery, intrigue, sensual seduction, flirtatious mood.The choice of those who strives for perfection and harmony.

Spirits "XX by Mexx Mysterious" - is an art to achieve the target using a very simple means.The right perfume for making the right decisions, which refreshes and stimulates to action and initiative.This fragrance is certainly increases the odds in the art of seduction.Tart notes of sandalwood, musk, apple, freesia, pink pepper and apricot create a special romantic mood.

"XX by Mexx Wild" - perfume for the boldest, brightest, those who are not afraid to be the center of attention.A wonderful mix of aromas of raspberry, guimauve, bergamot, orange and rose - sweet but not cloying, pleasant and exotic.