Spirits "Euphoria» (Calvin Klein): tenderness and originality

Calvin Klein, one of the most famous designers of our time, has long had the reputation of high fashion legend.Perhaps, he became the first fashion designers to dress their clients "from head to toe", from underwear and finishing with the most important stroke - accessories.He founded the brand as a symbol of youth and looseness.House Calvin Klein, many associated with elegance, refinement and sexuality.Products brand traditionally combining the incredible harmony and unpretentious.As for the flavors, many consider them the height of perfection.

first spirits brand launched back in 1981, and today perfumes Calvin Klein is one of the top sellers.The most successful fragrances of the fashion house - «Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom», «Euphoria Crystalline», «Euphoria Men», «Euphoria Pink».What are they?

best-selling fragrances Calvin Klein perfume began "Euphoria", the very first in the series.They are designed for those who know how to enjoy every moment and appreciate life.Aroma won the prestigious F

ifi Awards, he was recognized as the best in the category Luxe Fragrance.And today it is one of the best selling perfumes for women.

perfume "Euphoria" was created in 2005 by perfumers Carlos Binaymom, line of sight and Dominic Dong Ropiyonom.They have a complex, rather sweet and somewhat controversial song.The fragrance opens the heady notes of pomegranate, green and cheerful Japanese persimmon.And it is this combination makes men's hearts beat faster.In the center of sound and chords lotus spicy campaka framed magical nuances of black orchids, which give the charm of the whole composition.Finally, train.The base is made up of notes of black violet and mahogany, which perfectly complement the amber and creamy chords.

stylish, recognizable bottle is the best conveys the character of the fragrance, which is present and masculine accent and bright feminine.The bottle has a rectangular cap and resembles a delicate orchid bud.The combination of rounded and rigorous forms, amethyst overflow and gloss aluminum frames very successful perfume "Euphoria".Calvin Klein has been developing his own design for a bottle of perfume a masterpiece.

Aroma is ideal for winter and fall, would be the best choice for special occasions.It has a loud and sustained sound and "euphoric" sexy train.Spirits of "Euphoria" - more than a perfume, this is a special tenderness and originality at the same time, that call to enjoy life.

«Euphoria Blossom» - scent woven from luxurious peony, lotus and orchids, complemented by nuances of white musk.Opens chords kumquat, pomegranate and green.The composition beckons bliss and rapture, fills a sense of joy.

Limited version «Euphoria Crystalline» tartness of the pomegranate is filled with magic and orchid, seductive amber and mahogany velvet.This decadent scent of luxury, but also complicated if he calls to plunge into the wonderful dreams and a real euphoria.

«Euphoria Pink» is sexy notes of clove.The composition is woven from opaque amber and white musk, white wood and pink peony, orchid nuances, pomegranate and kumquat.

Finally, «Euphoria Men», the creation of Jean-Marc Chayllana, Dong and Carlos Losa Binayma.This fragrance - a cocktail of confidence, passion and tenderness.Lightweight and unobtrusive, though pre-dawn haze.The composition is a quiet and highly original mix of warm wood chords and aromatic herbs with the "courageous" temperament pungent spices.The aroma is one of the most courageous and daring on the perfume market.Nevertheless, it is appropriate and in the office and at social events, suitable for almost any situation, it is not a drop ostentatious brutality.Perfume was created for successful, elegant and sensual men.