The compact and loose powder.

One of the main tools, which is used by each of the fair sex, is a loose powder or powder is another option - a compact.If the latter is in a woman's arsenal of cosmetics it appeared relatively recently, that friable powder used even women of ancient Egypt.Basically it is made by pulverizing rice flour, pearls, silk thread.True loose powder then had a different purpose - it helps women achieve the desired shade of white faces, considered at the time the standard of beauty, nobility and integrity.Today we cover the face powder to hide minor imperfections and substantial, even out its color.In addition, on the shelves, a host of varieties of powder: compact, crumbly, shimmering, cream powder and powder into a ball.

How are two types of powder - compact and crumbly?Each of them has its advantages.For example, loose powder on the face creates a more even layer, while not clogging the pores on the face longer holds, keeping the effect of "fresh makeup."Because of its properties it is widely used in profess

ional studios and beauty salons.Today, loose powder is made from talc, mixing it with kaolin and calcium carbonate, collagen, and branded cosmetics manufacturers manage to add it extracts of medicinal herbs, the particles of precious metals, essential oils.In addition, the powder created using modern technologies, protects the skin from UV rays.

However, it is not too convenient for use "on the fly" as it takes a lot of space, and in the case of awkward movement can easily wake up.Professionals advise to create the perfect cover to apply loose powder on the face, pre-moistened with cream (or tonal basis).Just have to wait until the vehicle-base completely absorbed.To make-up was indistinguishable from a professional, you need to have on hand a loose powder two shades: light, which is applied first on the entire face, and dark, with the help of which the individual sections highlight key points.

Compact powder has been specifically created for cosmetics.And today she helps many girls who occasionally appears on his face shine.However, its use requires some special knowledge.Buying powder, remember that this should be done only in daylight so as not to be deceived with a touch.At the end of the day be sure to wash sponzhik from powder to remove dirt from it.Use compact powder should be very careful not to get a semblance of a mask on his face.

can argue a lot, figuring out which one is worthy of the title "Best Powder", but it's easier to buy a few varieties and use them depending on the situation.

For those who do not like to put a lot of money on face, beauticians come up with a cream-powder, which perfectly replaces the foundation, while matiruya skin.For girls, the skin of which is close to the ideal and inconvenience only appearance greasy, professionals have come up with transparent powder.In summer, many beautiful ladies opt-bronzer powder that is applied to specific areas of the face and emphasizes the beauty of a natural tan.Shimmering powder is usually used to go out to give a person a fresh and radiant appearance, the same applies to the powder in the balls.For oily skin, experts recommend use antiseptic powder, it has a green tint, and applied only to the space redness and pimples.

How do you determine what you need loose powder?Reviews are able to clarify this issue a lot.According to him, most of the girls over the foundation prefer to apply loose powder fine grinding, which is able to create a velvety coating on the face of the whole day.An example is a colorless powder Essence Fix & amp; Matte!Translucent loose powder.Among the leaders in sales of mineral powder called MAC Mineralize Foundation / Loose and by Givenchy - Prisme Libre.