Dupont - spirits with 'character'

This French brand, founded in Paris v1872 year, over one and a half centuries firmly takes its rightful place among the elite perfumes.Perfume Dupont always exceptional quality and traditional elegant style.They blow into the world of romance and dreams, placing the emphasis in recent amazingly feminine image.

Dupont - perfumes and toilet waters, which belong to one of the most popular and recognizable brands in Europe and around the world.To do this, there are a number of good reasons.They allow you to tune in to the pastime, can lift your mood and make your life morning vivacity and freshness.

Dupont - spirits, which are associated with elegance and chic of Paris.These are clean, bright and luxurious fragrances can win the hearts of a large audience of fans.It is designed for women and men, and are designed for all ages.Everyone will find in this collection for yourself what you want to him.Some scents are particularly noteworthy.

Dupont spirits "58 Avenue Montaigne» designed for women.They grad

ually expanded, allowing you to experience the first berry-fruit mixture juicy black currant and ripe raspberry with a hint of lemon flavor.Then you will feel in the heart of flower arrangements presented exquisite cyclamen, jasmine air and velvety violet.Dupont - perfume for very sensible persons.Only the final chord of the scent of them sounds delicious Italian dessert panna cotta flavored kind of patchouli and soft musk.They appeared on the shelves this year, but have already gained much recognition.

These spirits have been issued on the day of the base of the fashion house STDupont."58 Avenue Montaigne» his name to the famous Paris street fashion - Avenue Montaigne.For these gentlemen the company also offers a version of "58 Avenue Montaigne».Dupont (perfumes for men) - a refined fragrance for men, which is the elixir of exciting freshness.At the beginning of the stronger sex is a pleasant surprise, the drop-down at the sparkling notes of grapefruit and clementine, which harmoniously combines a chord cardamom bergamot.Then Dupont (perfumes for men) reveals aromatic notes of the beautiful trio of sage, pepper and marjoram, which bring to this song classic elegance, creating a mood of heady contrast enveloping warmth and exhilarating freshness.

Easy trail is woody aromas of the noble notes of sandalwood and cashmere wood, scented vetiver mixed with ambergris.

DuPont (spirits) and encouraging men and women.Beautiful ladies really like the flavor based on white currant and nectarine, tangerine, white rose and lily, white musk, orange blossom, tuberose and kashmerane.The shape of the bottle is identical male Noir, but it is presented in a white "dress", the corresponding content.No wonder DuPont (spirits) are a family of floral fragrances.

«Essence Pure Ice» - a delicious flavor.This is an example of style and harmony, tame unruly beauty of transparent ice, which is hidden in a bottle.In the men's version of the "ice water" you will find a marvelous cocktail of flavors of soft wood tones and sea based real icy freshness.Piquant bitterness in harmony with cold green bamboo and citrus notes shaded tart juniper flavor.Distributed to the notes in the upper sound felt green grapefruit, tangerine and lime.The middle tier is revealed on the background of the sea freshness of juniper and leaves of bamboo, base notes in these men's spirits are white musk and woody fragrance with a hint of patchouli.

the Spirits can be seen as well as about the people - by their nature, and in the case of Dupont it can be traced as well as possible, because each flavor quite wayward and in their daring.