Cosmetics Biotherm.

Biotherm cosmetics - luxury products for those who care about you and your skin.It has unique properties: a perfect fit for any skin type.The substances contained in the product have bioefficacy and selected individually for color cosmetics and skin care products.

Cosmetics Biotherm, reviews of which you've probably heard from their friends and cosmeticians, have properties that can instantly improve skin condition.The pure extract of thermal plankton - a unique active substance, whereby Biotherm cosmetics is truly exclusive.It is also a distinctive feature of this product is considered to be surprisingly light, non-greasy texture that gives a feeling of freshness and healthy skin.

History of the brand Biotherm.Reviews

Speaking of Biotherm labs, we can not fail to mention the column Llyupile who discovered the healing properties of thermal water from a source in the Pyrenees.Only in the mid-20th century, scientists had discovered the secret of the water was removed thermal plankton rich in vita

mins B1, B6, B2, B12, C, PP, D, as well as various minerals and trace elements.Laboratory specialists have determined that thermal water has a positive charge, and the skin under the influence of negative factors becomes negative.The attraction of opposites allows water to be absorbed completely into the upper layer of the skin, saturating it with vitamins and minerals.Thanks to this discovery experts managed to create a cosmetics Curative covers.The first funds from Biotherm appeared on the market in 1952.And for the past fifty years Biotherm biologists have studied the activity of cells, working hard to give the youth the epidermis and tone.

This discovery is of particular importance in the field of biology and in history, experts say.Evolution cosmetology positive effect on human health and beauty.Now, thanks to the discoveries of scientists, we are able to effectively solve all the problems associated with the skin and care for it with natural resources.

Today continued development of exclusive cosmetics for men and women with different types of skin.

Cosmetics Biotherm.Customer reviews

addition to various creams, masks and lotions for facial and body care, Biotherm has developed a line of color cosmetics, enriched with vitamins.Here you can find lip gloss, eye shadow, powder, creams and more.Choosing a lip gloss from Biotherm, you will receive care, protection from UV rays, aging and attractive shimmer.Among other things, you will not leave indifferent pleasant aroma of melon.Matting effect, a sense of freshness and purity gives decorative cosmetics from Biotherm.Customer reviews on cosmetics of this brand are very positive.All funds delight customers value for money and the highest quality.

Means for skin care from Biotherm.Reviews

products for skin care of this brand in the structure have only natural ingredients that improve the state of the epidermis.There are certain series, each of which is developed individually for a particular skin type.Moisturizing and anti-aging creams, balms, gels, oils, scrubs and masks - all this you can find in stores offering products Biotherm.Reviews currently they are getting only positive from both customers and experts in the field of cosmetology.The products are of high quality, able to eliminate the shine of the skin, smooth and refresh it.Gels eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes, balms nourish the skin oils.Makeup remover milk gives the facial skin smooth and clean, and the lotion will help to remove the remnants of makeup.