Chanel Cosmetics

Cosmetics Chanel is known throughout the world and does not require separate presentation.Perhaps there is no such woman, who did not hear the magic word Chanel.

Primarily this cosmetics associated with the name of its founder Coco, who managed to make the brand that bears her name, a trendsetter in centuries.This woman has managed to become a legend epitome of eternal femininity, elegance and a person of his age, thanks to his extraordinary charisma.In this, perhaps, lies the secret of the unflagging interest in the brand.

main achievement of the great "artist" is not only cosmetics Chanel little black dress or Chanel №5, and presented to the world women are inherently brilliant philosophy, which states: "In order to look good, do not have to be young and beautiful".Due to these wise words of Mademoiselle Coco could become famous, to reach the heights in their profession and to create a transnational brand.

Cosmetics Chanel: a bit of history

great artist is known for his love of minimalism.Th

is is reflected in the line of cosmetic products.What exactly prompted Mademoiselle Coco, already at that time well-known owner of perfume brand and a successful fashion designer, to create a line of cosmetics under its own brand, is not known.However, one hundred percent clear that it was a very good move on her part.

Coco created cosmetics that complies with the essential requirements of the world.These principles she stuck around.So Chanel cosmetics:

  • sensual;

  • convenient and practical;

  • feminine.

Series Chanel cosmetics set includes a wide variety of caregiver resources, as well as a significant amount of makeup.Today, this brand is made whole range of cosmetic products and its range have long exceeded 400. From such an abundance of tools every woman can pick out the best makeup kit.

Modern Chanel cosmetics

Chanel All the products created on the basis of natural hypoallergenic ingredients.This company in their cosmetic products first began to use pigments that protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, as well as components and photochromic maksiruyuschie.

Distinguishing characteristics of the product Chanel:

  • seasonal beauty collections.They are always confined to the changing seasons;

  • mild effect on nails, hair and skin;

  • highest quality.This paragraph applies to both the finished product and all its ingredients;

  • «zest» in each collection, "star product", that is a cosmetic produced in limited quantities.

Cosmetics Chanel: reviews

In recognition to this brand is unmatched by any other manufacturer of cosmetics, even with the world famous name.

In the 21st century, the corporation has made a huge step forward and expanded range of color cosmetics.All the products, since lipsticks and pencils and ending with ink and blush, is not only high quality but also a fashionable designer packaging, which is thought to the smallest detail.

This cosmetics received the highest marks from the millions of women around the world and is in great demand.Chanel cosmetic products give their preference not just ordinary women, but also a star of both Russian and world cinema.She gladly use Audrey Tautou, Keira Knightley, Amalia Mordvinova, Catherine Deneuve and other celebrities.

Cosmetics Chanel: the advantages and disadvantages

We all understand that one cosmetic product may not be suitable for all women equally.What one likes, another may not be to the taste.Still, the company has been recognized as the best Chanel cosmetics manufacturer through:

  • conceptual and elegant packaging;

  • high carcass;

  • great texture eye shadow;

  • a good cleanser and scrub.

At Chanel cosmetics, and the only main drawback - its extremely high cost.