Lipstick Meybelin - bright part of your personality

history of the famous brand started with a homemade mascara that young Thomas Williams prepared for his sister from Vaseline and soot.With this mixture of eyelashes and eyebrows girl became very expressive.

Surprisingly, this is the mascara has played in the life of brother and sister decisive role.The young lady quite successfully married, the young man opened a cosmetics factory.He called his creation Meybelin, on behalf of his sister Mabel.

a long time, this factory is one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics in America and Europe.In its product brand owners are trying to combine the latest achievements of scientific and technical progress, and stylish design.In 1996, Maybelline was acquired by L'Oréal USA.Today products Maybelline New York in more than 90 countries.

Lipstick Meybelin loved by millions of women, the benefit of manufacturers produce almost every year in the light of new cosmetics.At the same products from Meybelin not blindly copy the fashion trends, and follow their own pa


Not too long ago in the sale of a new, improved lipstick "Votershayn."From the first product variants different design, more dense, creamy texture.Separate shimmering particles acquired a smaller diameter, but their concentration is increased.In addition, the new lipstick "Meybelin Votershayn" acquired a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma, which her predecessor did not have.

Through content in its composition and allantoin tocopherol, the product has at the same time caring properties.Lipstick smoothes lips and creates a fresh tone.Reflective particles play fun highlights, giving a brilliant shine.

should be noted that in the coming season, the effect of wet lips again in favor, so the lipstick Meybelin must be in your purse every fashionista.

Now a little about how to deal with its shortcomings.Judging by the reviews of buyers, lipstick "Votershayn" not very resistant.Actually, the same can be said of any other means for the lips, regardless of the manufacturer.Well maintained only proof lipstick, the rest just need to skillfully apply.

primarily applied to the circuit.For lipstick, similar in texture to "Votershayn" best suited colorless pencils.I recommend to pay attention to a similar product produced by "Pierre Rico."Then lightly powder the lips, apply lipstick, wait until absorbed, blot and wipe.Then repeat again.Apply a layer of powder and lipstick on top of the cover.After such manipulations relatively resistant make-up is provided to you.

Meybelin Other lipstick, "Hydra Extreme", the Russian buyers are not as popular.This is not surprising, because it not only contains allantoin and vitamin E, which are available in almost any cosmetic product, and collagen.And the content of this substance turns "Hydra Extreme" in the anti-aging care.

addition, lipstick Meybelin "Hydra Extreme" contains an innovative complex that provides eight hours of continuous hydration and protection from ultraviolet radiation.On top

mention the not too successful updates.New product from Meybelin, Lipstick "Color Sensational Popsticks", did not justify the hopes shoppers.Of all the advantages of the product is marked only the pleasant smell of fruit and caramel.This is followed by some solid cons.Lipstick on the lips behaves like a chameleon, changing colors from cold to warm and vice versa.Color pigment is applied smoothly and quickly accumulates in the folds.It should shine lipstick is not too expensive, about 250 rubles.If you need a successful photo shoot - take boldly, but only after the test.The photo lipstick looks just amazing.Glitters, shimmers, shines.But for everyday makeup, she, alas, is not necessary.