Cosmetics Collistar: consumer reviews

For more than eight years in the domestic market successfully maintained the reputation of the famous Italian cosmetics brand Collistar.It has long been known and loved around the world, for established himself as a designer and manufacturer of high-quality product that is used not only ordinary women, but also by professional beauticians and makeup artists.Cosmetics Collistar - this exclusive line of a variety of means to care for the body, skin and hair care for both women and men, as well as cosmetics and sun protection line.This brand was created back in 1968 one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Italy, and still he continues to please its fans with unique innovations developed in our own laboratory.It is worth noting that many of the achievements of the company came into being first in the world, and even some of the products exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci.For example, "solid cream," which developed in 1990: its unique composition does not contain wate


And what women themselves say about cosmetics Collistar?Responses about it now and we rssmotrim.So, reading the huge number of different opinions, it appears that the products of this company, in the same way as any other cosmetics, someone is ideal, as someone not very.But many women, to use means of this brand, sure: those who did not fit a particular product is likely to have purchased a counterfeit or strongly expired goods.Well, maybe it is, from this no one is safe.Kollistar - Luxury cosmetics, and want to spoil the good name will always be.

What means this brand produce the greatest delight of the ladies?First of all, it's a variety of anti-cellulite agents, which, according to many, perfectly struggling not only with the "orange peel" and stretch marks.Even women who have used this product during pregnancy, noted that after childbirth not a single stretch.

Next on the list of good resources are shampoos Collistar.Reviews of them, for the most part, very positive.Some women even admitted that they were trying to move goods of this brand to others, but in the end still went back to shampoo "Kollistar" because the hair after it becomes wonderfully soft and fluffy, shiny and wonderful smell.Besides, those who had complained of hair loss, the problem disappeared.

those who can not live without the sea, beach and sun, very liking series sunscreen Collistar.Responses about it for the most part show that the quality and efficiency of it is not inferior to similar products of other well-known cosmetic brands, but its cost is lower and it can not but rejoice.These cosmetics are not only perfectly absorbed into the skin and protects from ultraviolet radiation, but also provides a chic, even tan, even for those whose skin is very sensitive to the sun.

ladies who are over 30, not lazy and expressed their views at the expense of anti-aging face creams Collistar.Reviews quite flattering.Many people were surprised that these creams really smooth wrinkles.Apparently their previous means of wrinkles does not have the desired effect.It is also recommended to use and eye cream, which are also very effective: tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles and keep makeup.

Of course, the list can be very long, but on the whole cosmetics Collistar inspires confidence and, in addition, contains natural ingredients.Some women noted not very pleasant smell of those or other means to care for the body, but it is not because has got a bad product.The fact that for greater efficiency to add various essential oils, and that these flavors exude.But for the beauty of your own body ladies not ready to give up such effective means only due to the fact that they reek of menthol or eucalyptus.